Cheap Humidors Cigar Humidor Journal

Do you fancy yourself a cigar aficionado? Well, if you're not keeping a journal about everything cigars, then you are simply an aficionado-lite. If you'd like to get to the next level of aficionado, get the Cheap Humidors Cigar Humidor Journal and get to writing. You'll be on your way to full-aficionado status in no time.

When you open up this classy journal, you'll immediately be inspired by all the information contained within the first few pages. There is a reference section about commonly used cigar lingo, so you can brush up on your vocabulary. There are color photos depicting the various cigar shapes. You'll find a handy ring gauge measuring guide and cigar ruler. And you'll see a tobacco flavor wheel, which will guide you in honing in your palate and notating the flavor profiles of various cigars.

There is also a section dedicated to logging the cigars you've smoked, where you can mount their bands and rate each one. We're talking serious documentation here. Taking "aficionado" to the next level.

In fact, when you really get going with this, you may need to build an entire room around your journal. A "writing room" like what Ernest Hemingway had. Preferably, your writing room should be separated from the main house, contain a liquor cabinet or bar, and have the all the walls adorned with pictures and trophies depicting your awesomeness. And, of course, loads of cigars and humidors and accessories. This is all a necessary component of the inspiration needed for writing.

And everyone will have to excuse your increasingly "eccentric" behavior and disheveled appearance. After all, it's all just part of being a writer and an aficionado. You have a license. A poetic license.

And you can quote yourself aloud in public with gusto and gravitas. Really, really loudly for proper effect.

Take your aficionado status to the next level with the Cheap Humidors Cigar Humidor Journal. Just remember when exercising your rights as a full-aficionado, there's a difference between poetic license and poetic licentiousness.

Customer Reviews

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Marlin Davis
Absolutely amazing

This journal is amazing and it beats the hell out of trying to write the information down in notebook or on the computer.

Richard Chadwick

Very informative and well written

Thanks again

Good item

Does what it's supposed to do. Though, nowadays who need that when we have iphones? (I got it for free)


Dont know if i will use this or not

no more trying to remember what was that great cigar

this is very nice, if your like me and smoke a lot of different cigars, you can keep track and rate them, to help you decide what you want to get next