Cigar Hygrometer FAQ
While humidors and humidifiers help to maintain a consistent level of humidity for your favorite cigars, it is still up to you to monitor that the humidity levels remain constant and at a level that will not dry out your stogies. Since accurately determining humidity is not one of the natural human senses, most cigar lovers rely on cigar hygrometers inside their humidors.
What is a cigar hygrometer?
A cigar hygrometer is a device that measures the relative humidity of its surroundings in an enclosed space. In this case, the cigar hygrometer will provide a reading of the percentage of relative humidity that is inside the humidor in which it is placed.
What kinds of cigar hygrometers are there?
While there are many brands and distinctions in visual style, hygrometers boil down to two basic categories: analog and digital. Analog hygrometers are a mechanical dial with a needle that provides a readout of the humidity. Digital hygrometers will provide a digital readout.
Do I need to use a cigar hygrometer?
A hygrometer is strongly recommended. if humidity conditions change inside your humidor, a hygrometer will be able to indicate such a shift and you will be able to adjust the humidity inside your humidor to keep your cigars in prime condition.