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"My two experiences with you guys have been a 10/10 good time. Thank you and keep it up!"
Rajwd, 8/5/2017
"Beautiful website with a lot of products."
Robert Ward, 7/30/2017
"Products arrived on time, in good condition and operated as expected."
R Garrity, 7/30/2017
"Delievered before expected date and awesome price!"
Derrick Luetjen, 7/30/2017
"I'm purchasing cigars from Cheap Humidor since over 10 years for their great quality and low price"
robert.a.doucet, 4/25/2016

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Richard: As expected.

Blaine: I had no idea what lighters I might end up with but I am pleased with the ...

WhingingLimey: I ordered this from UK and it was delivered very fast. I was unhappy with ...