Personalized Cigar Wall Art



The two personalized design options are CA-001 "JAKE'S CIGAR BAR" and CA-002 "MIKE'S CIGAR BAR If I cannot drink bourbon and smoke cigars in heaven, then I shall not go. - Mark Twain"

Decorating is usually the last thing you think about when you first designate your smoke room. You’re so busy thinking about how to arrange your humidors and cigars, you forget about it. But the décor of your smoke room is important. You can’t leave the walls empty; that will look sad!

Alas, we have the ideal solution to get you started. Our wooden cigar sculpture is just the thing for every smoke room; new, old or in-between. It’s the perfect size to hang on any wall and can fit in between and on top of any piece of furniture. It’s also extremely easy to hang, with only one secure mount well hidden on the back of the cigar. The cigar shape that you love and that is so pleasing to the eye will now adorn your walls. Its style fits right in with any cigar themed room. The sculpture has a neutral color palette that allows it to seamlessly blend into any type of décor you may already have in your room, while still enhancing the whole room.

You can also claim your room even further with your initials (or name) printed on its surface. That way no one will question whose smoke room it is, and who it is who loves cigars. Don’t have a smoke room? Don’t worry; you can use this decoration to let everyone know you love cigars at the office, in your garage, or even your man cave. You cannot go wrong putting this anywhere it will fit.

This wooden cigar wall art makes the perfect personalized gift for the cigar lover in your life.

  • Height of 2 ft
  • Depth of 1.5 in
  • Width of 3.5 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
G. H. Householder
Self Christmas gift

I placed the order and in lest than two days my order was on it’s way. Received the order in perfect condition and was everything I expected.
Would recommend the same item to anyone I know.

Kevin Thoenen
Excellent addition to my cigar room!

The is an amazing piece of cigar swag. It fits perfectly above a door and the personalization is the icing on the cake. Customer service is excellent. Shipping was super quick. I will be buying from again!

Very nice

I really like this product. However, the item fell off my table and the top cracked. I do wish it was more durable. Overall though, I highly recommend purchasing it.

Robert Phillips
It Is Well Done Piece of Wall Art for the Cigar Enthusionado

This product arrived quickly. I had considered purchasing it before. But at full price, it was a "pass". At the sale price, it is definitely worth it! I like this item. It is a very nice piece of artwork that is well decorated and has a nice paint scheme. I just wish that it was available with other vendor names. As soon as I find a nice sticker representing another brand that I like, it will be applied to the artwork on top of "Patel Bros." I am not a fan of Rocky Patel.

Robert List

Very satisfied it looks really great in my man cave a special addition