[VIDEO] What is a Cigar Capacity Rating?

[VIDEO] What is a Cigar Capacity Rating?


Hi I’m Kayla with Cheaphumidors.com and today I’m going to be talking a little bit about cigar capacity ratings for our humidors. You’ll notice on most listings there is a number like 25-50, this is the number of cigars that the humidor is rated to hold.

It’s important to remember that these numbers come from the manufacturers, not from us, and they’re not exactly precise. A humidor that is rated to hold 100 cigars will probably only hold about 60 cigars. The ratings are usually based on the smallest possible cigar size. So if you’re going to be holding different cigar sizes or a myriad of cigar sizes, or if you’d like to separate them out (your fuller from your mild cigars), you’re going to need a larger humidor than you think.

For instance, the Waldorf Humidor is rated for up to 150 cigars. However, if we just use one layer and we use all of the dividers, we’ll only get about 20 cigars in there. Now you can pack a humidor completely full and max out its rating.

We’ve done that here with the Davenport Humidor. This is rated to hold 25-40 cigars, but we’ve stuffed 60 cigars in there. There are multiple layers and there’s no breathing room. Yes, it will still close. However, if you hold your cigars there for a long period of time, you’re going to notice that the cigars on top will get a lot of humidity while the cigars on the bottom don’t get very much at all. So this could end up ruining some of your cigars. We recommend giving your cigars more breathing room and also separating out the fuller cigars from the mild cigars.

Some people will use a lift out tray to do that separation. That’s a great way to keep flavors from melding. So when you go to buy your next humidor, it’s important to think about how many cigars you’ll have on hand at any given time. If you usually have 25, we say double that number, so I would recommend getting a humidor that holds 50 cigars. That way you can separate out the fuller from the milder cigars and then have enough breathing room so that all of the cigars are humidified equally. This is Kayla with Cheaphumidors.com and this was humidor capacity ratings.

Please note: Kayla’s voice has been taken over by Darth Vader, but she hopes her voice will return soon. Thank you for understanding.

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