Which Is Better: A Digital or Analog Hygrometer?

Which Is Better: A Digital or Analog Hygrometer?

Cigar smokers are faced with a significant challenge on a regular basis: keeping their humidor at the right humidity level. To achieve this, there are different types of cigar accessories – hygrometers. Of course, you will have to decide which type of hygrometer is right for your specific needs. There are both digital and analog versions of these devices, and both have their own set of pros and cons. The best way to choose between a digital or analog hygrometer is by learning about both types before choosing one over the other.

First, digital hygrometers use modern technology. Analog sensors are used to measure the humidity in the air and this is then read out on a digital gauge. This makes them very easy to read, as well as being very accurate. There are other benefits here, as well. For instance, most digital hygrometers do more than one job. They often have thermometers built in, as well as other features. Some have a memory mode that allows them to record humidity levels and temperatures over time. This can be very helpful for tracking conditions in your humidor. Finally, digital hygrometers can be very affordable, but high-end models can be quite expensive.

Digital hygrometers work very differently. These are electronic devices and they are usually not as elegant as their analog brethren are. In addition, you won’t find any antiques in this variety. Digital hygrometers usually also have other uses, such as measuring temperature and other environmental factors in addition to the humidity level. There are some pros to using these kinds of tools, though. For instance, they are very, very accurate, and they are often more affordable than quality analog versions. In addition, they never need to be calibrated, as they are calibrated and set at the factory.

Analog hygrometers do need an occasional tune-up. These delicate instruments can be thrown off in terms of accuracy relatively easily. They will also lose some of their accuracies over time. Tune-ups can keep your analog device working properly, but that will require an additional charge from a specialist unless you choose to do the work yourself.

Deciding whether you want a digital or analog hygrometer can be difficult. It will hinge on how much you want to spend, whether or not you care about having an analog device tuned up and the look that you are trying to achieve. Both digital or analog hygrometers work quite well, but you will certainly find that you have a personal preference for one type over the other.