[VIDEO] Soft vs Torch Flame Lighters

[VIDEO] Soft vs Torch Flame Lighters

Soft/Natural Flame vs Torch Flame Lighters

Any proper cigar blog should have a lighter comparison article, so we bring you the CheapHumidors guide to picking the right flame for your needs. Both lighter varieties create fire and have their own advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to cigars, you want to make sure you’re making the best investment for your money. When getting started there are a few things you should consider while making your decision to purchase a lighter.

What are you lighting?
If you’re having a crap day and just need to take a break and have a smoke, you probably don’t want to spend forever just getting your stick lit. Soft flame lighters can be used to light cigars, however, a torch flame will get the job done much faster, create a more even burn and won’t leave you with a taste of butane in your mouth.

Nothing creates a nice crust on a creme brulee better than a torch flame lighter, but it is much easier to light a candle (or anything else with a wick), grill or bonfire in the woods with a broad soft flame. Also if a cigarette is your smoke of choice a soft flame will definitely take care of the job and is much more relaxing than having a torch flame unnecessarily close to your face.

Will you be using the lighter outside?
Nothing is more annoying than trying to light your stick and struggling again and again to get the flame started. Soft flame lighters are easily extinguished by wind, whereas torch flame lighters provide a bit of resistance with no need for you to hold your hand close to the flame and block the wind. If the wind is still instantly extinguishing your torch lighter you may want to relocate inside, as you are probably outside during a hurricane.

How important is fuel efficiency?
Just as cars can be gas guzzlers or fuel sippers, lighters have the ability to be lack fuel efficiency as well. Torch flames, especially triple, quad and quint torches, use considerably more butane than soft flame lighters. There are also soft flame lighters that use lighter fluid which need to be refilled more often and can potentially affect the flavor of whatever you may be lighting. For cigars especially, it is best to avoid lighters that use lighter fluid unless you want to add a strong chemical flavor to your cigar.

Do you need precision to light a specific area?
Soft flame lighters have a wavering flame that isn’t as easy to direct as a torch flame, which can burn the exact areas you need to light. Whether touching up a canoeing stick or making specific burn patterns, a torch lighter is the key to consistency. If that specific area is a wick though, it is actually better to use a soft flame, as a torch flame can actually put itself out from its own force.

How important is appearance?
When it comes to having unique looking and creative lighters, soft flame lighters tend to corner the market. However, nothing compares to the awesome appearance and whooshing sound of a torch flame. Torch flame lighters also tend to have a classier look, making them well suited for your needs.

When in doubt go with a nice torch lighter. You can always get a cheap toss-away bic if you absolutely need one or are on the go, but a good torch lighter will serve you well in any given situation and it will last much longer as well. If a soft vs torch flame matchup took place in the ring, the torch flame would knock out the soft flame in one round.

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