7 Best Guillotine Cigar Cutters

7 Best Guillotine Cigar Cutters

When my grandfather gave me my first cigar at a high school graduation, I was so eager to light it up that I bit the cap off like a savage and spit it out. After all, that’s the way I had watched him do it for so many years. I had no idea that I could actually be civilized and use a fancy cigar cutter.

So I immediately went to buy my first cutter. But when I started browsing cigar cutters, the options were so overwhelming. Not only are there countless types of cutters to choose from, but each type of cutter have a plethora of styles. I was shocked at how many ways there are to tear into that roll of sweet tobacco!

After trying my hand at a number of different types, I came to the conclusion that I really liked the quick, even and smooth cut those guillotine cutters provided. Now it was time to choose a style. Do I go for the heavy-duty hammer stamper table guillotine or the stealthy titanium razor-thin wallet cutter? Today I will illustrate the pros and cons of 7 different types of guillotine cigar cutters. Let me know which one you prefer in the comments at the bottom!

1. Single Blade Cigar Cutter (The Simpleton)

It really doesn’t get much more simplistic than a single blade cigar cutter. They’re easy to use, they’re usually inexpensive, and they get the job done (though not always very well). To use the single blade cigar cutter, open it like you would a pocket knife or straight razor. Now just insert the cigar through the cutter up to the distance you want to be cut off, and close it in one swipe.

2. Compact Single Blade Cutter (The Samurai)

Always be prepared when a wild cigar crosses your path – keep the Samurai in your wallet wherever you go. This sharp little guillotine cutter is for those James Bond types who are always prepared. You simply slide the blade out, insert your cigar, and sweep through the cap like a samurai sword!

The problem with single blade cutters is that it can sometimes tear up the end of your stick if the blade is not extremely sharp. It can also be difficult to decide where to cut the cap. Of course, it’s your preference, but a single blade might not give you the perfect cut.

3. Regular Double Bladed Cutter (The Average Joe)

The regular double blade cigar cutter is pretty much a standard for all cigar smokers. It uses a pinching method to produce a quick, clean, and efficient cut to any stick. The problem again is deciding where to cut. One of the cool things about these cutters is they’re self-sharpening!

4. Spring-Loaded Cigar Cutter (The Wild Card)

Remember the sabertooth-looking staple remover from the early days of – dare I say – paper documents? Well, imagine two sharp blades where the staple fangs were. The spring-loaded guillotine cigar cutter is for those who want a little recoil in their cigar-cutting action. The one pictured is collapsible, which makes it easy to carry or store in tight places. They usually provide a clean cut but are a bit more expensive than the Average Joes.

5. Switchblade Cigar Cutter (The Perfectionist)

The switchblade cigar cutter from Xikar Xi is for those who want the quickest and cleanest on their cigar caps. The switchblade cutter is also very stylish and fun to use. Just press the small button on the side to have two sharp blades spring out from the center. Then grasp it firmly and snip away! When you’re done, push the blades back in and lock it closed. When the blades are sharp, there’s not much that can go wrong.

6. Perfect Cigar Cutter (The Cut Above)

The perfect cigar cutter is aptly named. It provides a cigar cut that is above the rest. A distant cousin from the regular double blade, the perfect cigar cutter looks very similar but implements a backside to the cigar hole to give your cigars the perfect cut.

No more guessing or attempting to cut the best distance from the tip. However, if you like smoking figurados, then avoid the perfect cutter – it doesn’t perform well for uniquely shaped cigars.

7. Desktop Guillotine (The Reign of Terror!)

If you are serious about cigar decapitation, the desktop guillotine will bring out the worst in your reign of terror. For those executives and mob bosses that like to instill a little fear in their cigar smoking subordinates, the guillotine is heavy and efficient. It can be a great presentation piece next to your Montgomery 150 Count Studded Chest Cigar Humidor. The downside? The cleanup might be bothersome after chopping off the fingers of thieves, contenders, or even employees.

So there you have it! Whether you’re purchasing a cigar cutter for yourself, your novice nephew, or your “Godfather”, we have you covered. Check out the latest deals and tell us which cutter is your favorite in the comments below!