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Good above average smoke

First stick out of the box was tight and a tough draw. From that point on I have been cutting more off the end and that seems to have made the difference. The flavor profile is as described and I have enjoyed the six or seven I have smoked since receding the box. The wife even says she doesn’t mind the aroma on this stick.

Love these guys

Fantastic smoke, never tried before glad I did. Dave and family are the best. Don’t hesitate to order from them!

Nice looking stick

This is a nice looking cigar. I will let them rest in my humidor for a couple of months to get over their journey before sampling one (or two) this summer.

Boveda Humidity Packets
Perfect humidity control

Boveda packs are very easy to set up and provide perfect humidity control for a great cigar always!


Perfect for the price. This is not a Cuban, but it is a real good cigar from the beginning till the end. The family buisness is great!

My missing component

This was my missing component! I had troub le keeping the humidity in my humidor up to 70. Then I reread the promo for this product. Since I have used it with the boveda packs, my sticks are not dried out(ouch) and burn and taste great!

Have not received them yet

Essential Back Yard Tool

This is absolutely the best solution for managing your outdoor has great capacity, is indestructible, stable, with plenty of room for your guests smokes.


Sorry guys would love to but they haven’t arrived yet ..


This is my first humidor as I recently started smoking cigars occasionally. It is very nice and well built but I am dissappointed about three things. First it was packaged exceptionally well so I was surprised when I noticed the fake brass corner plate on the left corner was bent. I took it off to straighten it and noticed the wood was also damaged. I straightened the fake brass plate so that's not even noticable that it was bent and the plate does cover up most of the wood damage so you can't really see it unless you look closely.
Second is that the glass is not beveled as was stated in the description which is dissappointing. BUT,,,, the most frustrating thing about this purchase is finding out this was not "Made in the USA". I really do try to buy quality products rather than supporting our enemies, the CCP. In your defense though I may have overlooked where it said this product was imported and if so I apologize.
With all that said I give this product a grand total of --------------------------------- "

Nub Dub by Oliva 460 Box of 10
Randy Vandervoort
Nub Dub by Oliva

The unique size of the NUB cigar line 4x60 has been a favorite of mine for several years. I love the full mouthful of cool smoke that a 60 ring provides with the intense flavor of the double Maduro wrapper. For me these cigars are a full complex tasting smoke, great aroma and even burn. The shorter length (4”) however allows for a regular after dinner treat for both myself and guests who are of the occasional cigar smoking type, I hate throwing away 3” of a 6” stick.


I find it fun to check my cigars before smoking. I have found two of the same from my humidor at different RH. One at 58 while the other of the same brand at 64 RH. Smoked the 64 and put the 58 towards the bottom closer to the RH source. It amazes me how different section in the humidor are so different.

It’s a fun way to finalize that perfect smoke.

Great for Maintaining Humidity

Fast arrival at a great price

Thomas Rhyne

I needed 2 small ones, these are great, thanks

Gurkha Titan Gordo Pack of 10
Emmanuel Vafiadis

Wrapper falls apart

It was very interesting with a lot of really good cigars. Totally enjoyed it.

Cigar Humidor Beads
Robert Lebel
Order not received

I have not received my order

The product exceeded my expectations

Boveda EZ Seasoning Kit
Douglas Kennell
Boveda EZ Seasoning Kit

easy to use and works great

Crazy Ridez Inc

Glad to have my YouTube Channel on our lighters great product and company Thank You

1st Digital Hygrometer

Works great! Easy to calibrate

Easy to use

Worth buying to calibrate my Digital Hygrometer. Accurate reading after 24 hour wait

looks great

this is a Christmas present (stocking stuffer) for me son-in-law. I think it looks great. I'm sure he'll really like it when he gets it tomorrow.

5 Pack of Tatuaje Fausto Short Churchill Cigars
Ron May
Fine Ordering Experience

All went well and arrived in a reasonable time.