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Cigar Humidor Beads

Question : Dimensions of the Display II Humidor

Does anyone have a specific dimensions of this unit ? Can't seem to find them on the listing page.
Thanks in advance.

Wall Art

Smaller than expected. Hard to read words. Looks better in the picture.

I still have not received my order, unfortunately

I can not give a proper review

Still waiting on the delivery of this lighter.

Salvador 250 Count Brazilian Rosewood Cigar Humidor


Poor product which I don't believe will light a cigar. The flame is not torch like at all.

Colibri Slice Double Blade Cigar Cutter
Total junk

When I opened the cutter three of the rubber pieces on the side of the cutter flew off. I could live with that but this is without doubt the worst cutter I have ever used. Terrible cut and generally gets stuck when I try to use it. I think I would get a cleaner cut by biting the tip of the cigar with my teeth. I rarely write a negative review of any product but what a piece of junk. Will never but a Colibri anything again and this is probably my last order from CheapHumidors.

Colibri Slice Double Blade Cigar Cutter
Love my new cigar toy!!!!

Gadget lover at heart. For the money this was one of my best buys!!

Colibri Slice Double Blade Cigar Cutter
Cheap Deal

Nice Cutter, high quality, very good price, but old stock. 3 of the 4 rubber grips fell off as soon as I took it out of the box.

Stainless Steel Cutter

I liked the backing for cutting, but was unable to get consistent clean cuts.

I don't often give 5 star reviews but

If you're hesitant about the quality to be expected from a (less than) $30 humidor, as I was, I can happily reassure you that this will not disappoint. Very well made, and a good seal especially once seasoned. Also, the included humidifier uses beads not foam so that's a win. It's a pretty looking box too, And works beautifully for now as I don't intend to expand my cigar collection beyond 40ish at a time for a few years.
I might add that this is a solid wood humidor, which will keep a constant humidity much more effectively than a glass top. All things included, I would highly recommend this product to the casual or beginner cigar smoker/collector who doesn't keep hundreds of cigars on hand.

Looks Good but Lacking Function

Hygrometer is for show only; does not accurately measure humidity.

Very nice case!

This is great value for the money! Beautiful leather case for five of my favs! Love it!

25 Count Acrylic Cigar Jar
Very useful

I love having this humidor around. It is perfect for storing the few cigars I keep.

5 Cigar Grab Bag
Grab Bag

I bought 3 - 5 cigar grab bags. What I found inside was a good variety of brands, sizes and flavors. Will definitely buy these again!

El Threesome 5 Packs
Full bodied

These cigars are very inerrsting in the way that you can distinctly detect each zone change of the cigar. Watch out about 1/2 way through because they sneek up on you. Overall it is a good stick just make sure you eat before you fire this one up.

Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0

Great Product

I love this device! Living in the Midwest where humidity is virtually non-existent this time of year I could never keep my humidor at an acceptable level. With the Excel I no longer have that issue. Within an hour my humidor was at 70% and has kept a consistent humidity ever since. I haven't tried the wi-fi capability, for me the monthly subscription isn't worth it. Frankly, the subscription is the only reason why I give it four stars over five. For me this was a great investment and I would recommend it to anyone.

Non-existent Customer Support

Let me preface this review by stating it is solely based on the product, not the amazing customer service of Cheap Humidors....I’ve had the original Oasis for many, many years at it worked flawlessly...the ONLY reason I upgraded to the 3.0 was the WiFi integration, and though I’m technologically skilled, it just doesn’t work! I can connect the unit to my router, but none of my devices can find it. I won’t go into the various attempts I’ve made to connect, as the real issue is I’ve had NO RESPONSE from the manufacturer....voice mail, and emails go ignored....I feel like a threw a C note in the street........

The Flip Double Flame Torch Lighter

very good product beautiful quality very satisfied thank you

The Flip Double Flame Torch Lighter
Peter P.

This lighter works fine; the one I purchased a few months ago has not worked properly - so I guess it's a gamble ???

I have not received my order yet

As expected

Great product. Should do fine protecting my smokes.
Shipping took forever. But probably because of ot having to cross a border.

follow dave's cure

1 pack per 25 cigars in humidor would have been nice to know prior to ordering. i got 5 more on the 2 day mail. amazing, new humidor and bovida 84s are increasing the humidity. i was about to give up! thanks dave.