Berkeley II 100 Count Mahogany and Black Lacquer Cigar Humidor

While you may have heard Berkeley has a liberal leaning, the Berkeley II will conserve the moisture of your most prized cigars like no other.  You will be able to confirm that the Spanish cedar lining maintains optimal humidity for 100 cigars within the luxurious glass top unit by the unique black faced hygrometer set in the front of the unit.  The Berkeley II offers the top of the line in luxury and utility. Please note that the option upgrade for a nameplate is a brass plate, not silver.

  • Lined in Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Mahogany and Black Lacquer Finish
  • Glass Top
  • Polished Silver Hardware
  • Lock and Key
  • External Black Faced Analog Hygrometer
  • One Removable Cedar Tray with Adjustable Divider
  • One Adjustable Cedar Divider in the Lower Level
  • One Traditional Foam Humidifier

 *This item is shipped directly from our supplier (FL) and may take an additional 1-3 days to process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Will Stranathan
Great value, beautiful humidor

I checked the calibration on the hygrometer, and it was close - wish it had instructions on changing the calibration. But I seasoned it for two weeks the the Boveda one-step (84% packs - four of them) and it maintained 80% or more for the whole two weeks. I put in Boveda 75% packs, my cigars, and a newly-calibrated digital hygrometer and it's been holding at exactly 75% for several days now. It recovers quickly after opening it to pull out cigars, although I'll always try to limit how long I keep it open.

It's a good looking piece of furniture and not an eyesore at all on the shelf where I have it.

Very nice Humidor

Only problem I had was it was missing a key. They are looking for one.

Stephen P.

This Humidor is great for the price, shipping package was excellent, no issues with damage. Holds humidity perfectly, size is perfect (that's what she said). The finish on the outside is high end looking. Love it!

Thomas Gilroy

Love this humidor. Great addition to my new home.

The price is fair

It is nice humidor and has good quality. Only the issue I face in this humidor the hygrometer not giving the right reading for the humanity and also some negative comments about humanity issues the problem not in humidor the problem in the hygrometer