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Unique Cigar Humidor

With thousands of humidors that come in every shape, size, color, and design imaginable, finding one that stands out from the crowd and is distinctive is like looking for a needle in a haystack of even more needles. If you want a unique cigar humidor, your best bet is to browse through the amazing selection we have at Cheap Humidors - our collection is one of the biggest on the Internet, and we make a point to stock the best quality humidors at some of the most reasonable prices on the market. With our huge range of choices, you will be sure to find a unique cigar humidor; below we have listed just a few of our favorites.

Waldorf 150 Cigar Arc Shaped Cigar Humidor

In a world where most humidors of this size are rectangular and box-shaped, the smooth arc of the Waldorf 150 Cigar Humidor makes this stunning humidor really stand out. Lined in kiln dried Spanish cedar and polished with a dark zebrawood finish, this is one of the most beautifully crafted midsize humidors available, and it includes several features that only add to its value. Three cedar dividers make it easy to store several different kinds of cigars within the single humidor, and the analog hygrometer, traditional foam humidifier, and free cigar scissors that are included with the purchase of this humidor attach magnetically to the interior of the lid. If you are looking for a sleek and unique cigar humidor to hold a decently sized home collection, the Waldorf 150 Cigar Arc Shaped Humidor is your best bet.

Sale Price: $208.97

The Coffee Table Cigar Humidor

For the serious cigar collector who needs a larger humidor that can carry several hundred cigars, cabinet style humidors are the most commonly shaped option. If you are looking for a unique cigar humidor that is not shaped like your everyday, run of the mill desktop or wall cabinet humidor, the gorgeous Coffee Table Cigar Humidor may be just the thing you need. Each of the four beveled glass top sectionals holds up to 50 cigars, as do each of the four cedar lined drawers in the sides, bringing the maximum capacity for this unique humidor to 400 cigars. Several cedar trays are included for easy sorting and storage, and a separate lock and key for each drawer ensures a solid level of security for your sticks. Four rectangular traditional foam humidifiers are included with the purchase of this humidor, as is a glass faced analog hygrometer for easy maintenance of proper storage humidity. The beautiful dark mahogany finish, coupled with the antique tarnished brass drawer pulls, makes this humidor one of the finest on the market.

Sale Price: $647.97