Custom Engraved Bellevue 25 Cigar Humidor

While other humidors have loads of bells and whistles, the Bellevue is a nice straightforward box with a hygrometer and a humidifier. It's everything you need and nothing you don't. Other humidors waste your time with crazy features like removable trays, adjustable dividers, and spinning rims. But the Bellevue keeps everything nice and simple. (We don't actually sell humidors with spinning rims, do we? No? Good. Let's hope it never comes to that around here. That would be a dark day for Cheap Humidors.)

Anyhow, let's talk about this bad boy. The Bellevue Desktop Humidor can hold 25 cigars. If you smoke one every other weekend, it's almost a year's supply. But we all know you smoke more than that. Maybe you're one of those people who smoke cigars like cigarettes? In that case, the Bellevue can hold your daily supply just fine. (Now all you need is a massive shirt pocket to hold it. Actually, better just put it in a briefcase or backpack and be done with it.)

The finish is a high lacquer deep mahogany, and the interior is Spanish cedar. You'll smell it on day one, but you'll have to savor it because it's going to be overpowered after you've loaded it up with fragrant cigars. And the Bellevue Desktop Humidor's moisture technology is pretty sweet. First, you've got the golden-framed glass hygrometer to keep you updated on how much water is in the air of your humidor. Then you've got your humidifier. Do what the hygrometer says, and keep your humidifier at the right water level. If you do, your little desktop beauty will be dispensing quality smokes for years to come. Isn't that a comforting thought to have?

  • Holds up to 25 Cigars
  • Comes with Humidifier
  • Scratch Resistant Felt Bottom
  • Lined with Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Solid Brass Quadrant-Hinges
  • Beautiful Mahogany Finish



Customer Reviews

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Jeff Myers

I was more than impressed with the looks and quality of this humidor. so nice I will be ordering it again for friends.