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Cigars 101: Storing Different Cigars

Most people who smoke cigars prefer a few different varieties. Much the same as fine wine, no two cigars are exactly alike. When using a humidor, it is always advised that you separate different cigars so their aromas and flavors don't react with one another.

The most expensive way to do this is by using a different humidor for each cigar. Now don't get me wrong, we would love if you bought a few humidors from us for this purpose, but that is beyond the price range of most of us.

The easiest, and least expensive way is by using dividers. Dividers fit inside your humidor, either lengthwise or widthwise and essentially create sections in which you can store different cigars. You can put a mild cigar in one compartment, a full bodied cigar in another compartment and never worry about the flavors mixing up with one another.