Why is My Newly Seasoned Humidor Losing Humidity?

Many people see a humidity drop in their newly seasoned humidor and they immediately think something is wrong. If you are panicking because your humidor is losing humidity, you may feel you have good cause for this.

Those cigar accessories are by no means cheap. The cigars you place in that humidor are quite an investment too. You cannot afford to have something going wrong.

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The first thing you need to know is this. When you see that humidity drop after you have placed the cigars in a newly seasoned humidor, this does not mean anything is wrong.

Just what does it mean?

Cigar accessories are sensitive. They have to be in order to take proper care of the cigars. A newly seasoned humidor is all the more sensitive.

When you place those dry cigars in the humidor, they will immediately start detracting from that humidity simply because they are dry and they are soaking up moisture. This will cause a humidity drop in any humidor.

Is there a way you can avoid this?

There are a few things you can do. First of all, if you know your humidor is newly seasoned, then do not place dry cigars in it. These cigars will cause a humidity drop.

If all of your cigars are dry, then you will just need to practice patience.

Once you have placed the cigars in the humidor and the humidity drops, wait a few days. Then, recharge your humidor. You should notice that the humidity drop does not continue. This is because once the cigars are no longer dry, they will not continue to pull from the humidity levels and they will stay at a stable level.

One final option is to simply add your cigars to the humidor a couple at a time to avoid overwhelming it. This way, the humidity levels will only drop by one or two degrees.

This will mean adding a couple of cigars every few days until all your cigars are added and the humidity has leveled out. This will require patience on your part as well since it could take quite some time depending on how many cigars you own.

When you think your cigar accessories are malfunctioning, do not worry. It could be that you simply have not figured out the regular process yet. If you fill your newly seasoned humidor with dry cigars, the humidity will drop, but you can avoid this if you know what to do and how to handle it.

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