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Gold Cigar Cutter

Cigar cutters are a basic feature in any smokers arsenal. This, however, doesn’t mean a cutter has to be basic in its design or appearance. An elaborate cigar cutter makes for an excellent gift, and can be an expression of personality, as well as a talking point. The type of cigar cutter that is right for you is dependent on the type of cigar you smoke,your favorite cut, as well as the situations and frequency within which you wish to use it. Consider not only its aesthetic quality, but also its practicality. For example, do you need an easily transportable cutter to use when you are out on the town or traveling, or a statement piece for inside your own home?

There are 3 types of cigar cutter to choose from; it all depends on your preference and all have their own individual positive qualities. Firstly is the guillotine (or straight cut), secondly the punch cut and thirdly the V-cut.

The straight cut is most common, and is more often used with cigars with a smaller ring gauge. They fall into two categories; the single and dual (double) blades. They are simple to use, with the dual blade usually preferred as it makes a cleaner cut. The basic ones are easily transportable due to their size. This makes them a practical and inexpensive choice. This cut allows for maximum smoke to exit the cap end.

Secondly, we have the punch cutter. This comes in three varieties: the bullet, the Havana and the multi. The bullet punch is, as its name suggests, a bullet shaped device which can fit easily onto a keychain, making it a good choice for those who want an easily accessible and functional tool. They are also quite simple to use, with the interior circular blade used to twist into the centre of the cigar This type of cut is preferable for some, as it exposes less of the filler and binder; reducing the likelihood of tobacco ending up in your mouth - a nightmare for any smoker.

Lastly, is the v-cut. These look fairly similar to guillotine cutters, however their design and the type of cut is quite different. This cutter slices a wedge into the cigar, giving the cap end a small notch as opposed to removing it completely. They can penetrate fairly deep, with some smokers choosing to make a double notch - again this is preference. These are sometimes the favorite of those who enjoy a thicker gauge cigar.

If you think that the punch cutter sounds like your type of tool, then why not check out the Gold Plated Twisting Bullet Punch Cutter; not only an opulent, but also an efficient and convenient bullet. It boasts a stainless steel blade and easily hangs from your key chain, making it a great addition to your collection thanks to how easily transportable it is. Not only that, this item is finished with real gold-plating - giving a real touch of class to any situation you find yourself in.

Just as flash but a few bucks cheaper is the Gold Plated Bullet Punch Cutter. Compact but powerful and fitting easily on your keychain, this punch cutter features an O ring for a tight seal and is small enough to take with you wherever the night make take you. Oh, and of course it is lavishly plated in gold - guess good things do come in small packages.