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The Colossal Cutter, 80 Ring Gauge Guillotine Cutter

Since the dawn of time, cigar enthusiasts quested for one thing: The perfect cigar cutter. The quest was long however, and many gave up, and settled for a less than perfect cutter. But not one man. John “The Giant” Taylor, was a different breed of cigar enthusiast, living up to his name in both stature and personality. He was not the type to give up, and so he pushed forward.

See, John needed a cutter that could handle his huge cigar taste. Cigar crafters would make the cigars to John’s preferred size (a whopping 80 gauge) but no cutter could handle his favorite sticks. For years, John had scoured the world searching for the right cigar cutter, but none could meet his challenge. Frustrated at his cigar cutters being destroyed at a near daily rate, he swore to himself and the world that he would create the perfect cigar cutter, which could handle the might of even his sticks. And so, he spent his life crafting what is said to be the most epic, the largest, and the most clean cutting cigar cutter available. That man was a gift to the cigar world, and this cigar cutter is a gift to you, the cigar lover.

The Colossal 80 Ring Gauge Cutter is a force to be reckoned with. This dual blade guillotine cutter can cut any cigar up to an 80 ring gauge. Not many cutters cut the big dawg sticks but this one won't do you wrong. A great buy at a great value this guillotine cuts like the rest of them for a fraction of the price. Plus The Colossal Cutter will make the perfect stocking stuffer for this Christmas!

Cutter Aspects:

  • Fits up to 80 Ring Gauge
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Perfect Cut Every Time


Customer Reviews

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shawn wampler
👍 Nice !!

Works great, probably could cut a small tree if needed

Nicholas Relich
Great cutter

Works great. It’s deffenitly a universal cutter

Gregory Stacy

Its sharp and firm. And easy to use . Will be recommending friends to you. Thank you


Looks good

Love it

I've been waiting for someone to come out with an 80 gauge cutter for some time. I generally use a knife to cut mine.

Thank you!

And thank you for having it on sale. I'm tempted to purchase a few more before the price goes back up.