Cigars 101: How to Refill a Lighter

Refueling your refillable butane lighter is quite easy. Refill cans are available just about anywhere, from your local tobacco shop to WalMart. Ronson and Colibri brands are among the best and most popular. Using a cheap brand of fuel can damage the inlet valve and, more commonly, clog the burner valve.  Whatever brand you choose, make sure you are using at least 2x refined fuel, which means it has little to no impurities.

The most common mistake made in filling a butane cigar lighter is not purging the air inside the lighter.  Follow the simple steps below and your lighter will provide years of service.

  1. Take a small tool, like a screwdriver and insert it into the refill nozzle.  Press down to release any air inside the lighter.  Set the lighter down for a few seconds and repeat until no air escapes.
  2. Turn the adjustment dial to the lowest setting (-)
  3. Hold the lighter and the can upside down and insert the can nozzle into the lighter
  4. Press the tip of the refill can over the inlet valve and press down firmly for 4-5 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times.
  5. Set your lighter down and do not touch it for 20 minutes so the temperature of the fluid inside stabilizes
  6. Adjust the flame to your desired height and start using the lighter.

During the refill process, it is a great time to check the burner nozzles of your lighter and clear them of any soot or residue that might have accumulated.

NOTE: First read the warning labels and instructions on the can. Aim away from face and stay away from any open flame or ignition source. Please use common sense!

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