Why Separate Cigars in Your Humidor?

Why Separate Cigars in Your Humidor?

To keep the flavors separate! Yes, it’s that simple.

In your fridge and freezer, you probably have containers for each item, right? You don’t just dump the bleu cheese crumbles into a container of rocky road ice cream just because there’s room, right? (Great prank idea, by the way.) You don’t put onions in with your half-eaten apple pie to save on space, do you? You’re not storing tuna salad in your tin of coffee, are you?

For the same reason, you don’t store different cigars all in a pile in a single humidor. Instead, you separate cigars in your humidor. Here’s the hierarchy of ways to get it done:

Best: Use separate humidors
Great: Use separate trays in the same humidor
Good: Use a divider in the same tray of a humidor
Not so good, but better than nothing: Rely on wrappers in a single pile in the same humidor

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. “What a surprise! The humidor company thinks I should buy more humidors. Next, they’ll tell me to buy more cigars to stock the damn thing with!”

Not a bad idea! But not what we were thinking.

Yes, we sell humidors. But no, this separation stuff isn’t BS. Separation of flavors by using different humidors will definitely have a significant effect on the taste of your smokes. We recommend using small, inexpensive ones to keep bold, dark cigars apart from light, mild ones, at the very least.

For the rest, you can rely on trays and drawers to get the job done.

The point is this: if you’ve gone to the trouble to research nice sticks and get complex flavors into your personal collection, preserve what makes them special through separation – don’t let everything mingle to the point that all cigars regardless of wrapper and origin taste like that big, dark, oily stick you bought on a trip to Cameroon.

Instead, separate cigars in your humidor and enjoy each cigar for the differences it brings to the table. Blends are cool, but let’s leave the blending to the master cigar makers and simply enjoy what they create, yeah?

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