What Kind Of Water Do I Have To Use In My Cigar Humidifier?

Why is it imperative that you use distilled water when humidifying a humidor? Distilled water is water that has been purified through a boiling process. The water is boiled and then the steam is condensed into a container.

It is not wise to use regular tap water in any humidification system. In fact, the federal government has warned that this could pose a serious health risk.


For one thing, humidifiers disperse minerals (found in tap water) into the air that can leave behind white dust and crusty deposits which can help the accumulation of unhealthy microorganisms.


Even when spraying beads or sponges, it is wise to use distilled water instead of tap. Why? Distilled water contains fewer minerals than tap water does. The chemicals that regular tap water contained can taint the cigar quality and cigar taste.


Tap water also contains chlorine, which can clog the humidifier’s pores and inhibit operation. All you need is a few drops of distilled water and you can keep the beads moist.


Once you do this, dry off the surface and make sure there is no water drip.


Avoid tap water and only buy distilled water for your humidifier.This will prevent you from compromising your inventory of fine cigars.

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