6 Reasons to Try Box Pressed Cigars

According to cigar legends, box pressed cigars were created when manufacturers packed the cigars too tight during shipping and some got sort of squished. The thing is, some people kind of liked them that way, so box-pressed cigars became a thing.

Of course, the obvious question is why do people like them? What are the advantages of trying box pressed cigars?

Erez Cigars Box Pressed Cigar

1. Enjoy a Longer Smoke

If you like smoking, you’ll like cigars that last a good long while, right? Well, compressing cigars tends to slow down the burning/smoking process, giving you longer-lasting enjoyment.

2. Bolder Taste and Smell

We don’t know why – they just do. Box-pressed cigars are more intense. If you’re looking for a mild, very basic cigar, box-pressed is probably not the answer. But if you want a cigar that’s a little bit enhanced, you just might get what you want with a box-pressed cigar. See if you can find the same blend in round vs. box pressed and experiment for yourself. Did the shape change the smoke for ya? Experts and Novices agree (and disagree entirely) that it makes a HUGE (or no) difference in the smoking experience. But why go by what others say? Make up your own mind!

3. The Novelty Effect

It’s fun to do things differently, sometimes! Who knows, maybe a brilliant idea will hit you when you fire one of these babies up. Maybe the odd look will knock something loose in your imagination. Or maybe you’ll just think: “Who the hell thought this was a good idea?”

Either way, you’re going to learn something new.

5 Vegas Classic Fifty-Five Box Pressed Cigar

4. The Blend Only Comes in Box-Pressed

No choice here, you wanted to try this blend/wrapper/filler combo, and it only comes all squared up. Well, whatcha waiting for? Don’t shy away from something new because it looks all messed up & weird! If you used that logic in life, you wouldn’t have ever had kids.

5. You Can Always Change Them Back

Sometimes, a box-pressed cigar will revert to a more circular shape if left in a humidor for a long time. If you find that you don’t like ‘em square, just wait a while – they may even out some. Then they’ll be just like the cigars you’re already used to, and the nightmare will be over.

La Gloria Cubana

6. They Don’t Roll!

Those traditional round cigars are so great, right? But if you put one down on that slanted stone wall in your backyard for a second, next thing you know, you’re picking it up out of the ground. A square cigar, on the other hand, won’t travel on you. No siree – it stays right where you put it.

This is an obedient cigar, that does what it’s told. Circular cigars are simply not to be trusted when it comes to rolling around.

Let’s just leave it at this: Try out box-pressed cigars – they’re neat, and you might like ‘em! Or you’ll hate ‘em. But you won’t know until you’ve TRIED them.

Then cross it off your damn bucket list and move on with life.

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