28 Tips for Traveling with Cigars (as told by you!)

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Tips for Traveling with Cigars

It’s summer! Time for a much needed vacation! Do you have a trip coming up? Perhaps you’re going to Cuba to have a taste of the forbidden fruit? Maybe a cruise lined up? Wherever you’re going, we both know you’re going to be enhancing your experience with cigars. But do you take some with you or pay the tourist rates when you get there? It’s entirely up to you, but traveling with cigars is something we all do at some point. We asked our Facebook fans for the best tips for traveling with cigars. Here’s what you guys had to say! If you don’t follow these tips for traveling with cigars, you’re going to have a bad time. (See Southpark meme below).

1. Always bring extra cigars for friends, new and old. (Benjamin Valdez)

2. Don’t over humidify travel humidors. (Gregg Alexander)

3. Always bring a few lighters or backup matches in case a lighter dies. (Matthew Hansin)

Clark Griswold

4. If you are someone who does not have a humidified travel case, put your cigars in a double ziplock bag with a paper towel that has been lightly dampened with distilled water to keep them fresh. (Steve Binger Bingham)

5. Go to CheapHumidors.com and buy yourself a travel humidor to keep your sticks safe. (Ismael Morales Jr.)

6. Never let them out of your sight. (Albert Quackenbush)

7. Don’t leave home without them. (Charles Green)

8. Don’t forget where you put them on those long flights. (Matthew Dahlqiust)

9. Pack both everyday and special occasion sticks. (Alex David Sorell)

Black Ops 4 Cigar Travel Humidor

10. Don’t forget your traveling flask filled up with a nice single malt to accompany these nice cigars. (Jim Helder)

11. Travel with a stocked 15 stick travel humidor, but take a smaller 5 stick humidor for excursions where your bigger humidor would be too bulky to carry. (Michael Kerper)

12. Make sure you have enough cigars for the trip. It sucks to have to stop for more. (Justin Roach)

13. Leave some room in your travel humidor just in case you come across any sticks on your travels! (Justin Bidwell)

14. Have a nice travel case with a good variety because you never know exactly what you will be in the mood for. (James Michael Ahearn)

15. Have someone else do the driving, so you are free to lean back and enjoy your stogies while watching the scenery of incredible landscapes roll by with a sun lowering in the distance. (John Dough)

Bonfire -Lake Michigan

16. Do NOT leave them in your pockets while driving! (Amy Conyers)

17. Don’t bring your nice lighter to the airport. (Thomas Tom Tom Schaefer)

18. Keep them out of the sun! (Karl Sieling)

19. Have an epic story/adventure for each smoke. (Luke Civitarese)

20. Remember your accessories. (Justin Simpson)

21. Keep a couple of clean sponges and bottles of distilled water for your travel case or humidor so your cigars don’t get dry when traveling (L Nathanael Bishop)

22. Save your best for the campfire after dinner when camping. (Wally Oden)

23. Always use protection… like this telescoping travel humidor!(Tony Daniels)

Cohiba on the beach

24. Bring enough of your cheapies to give away to people who ask you for a cigar. Never give anything less than a first class cigar to anybody important (future father-in-law, boss, or prospective client). (Theo Evans)

25. Don’t smoke them on the airplane. They tend to look down on that! (Ron Yamello Jr.)

26. Always keep a cutter and lighter with you at ALL times! (Don Grizzly Robarts)

27. Can’t afford a travel case? Tupperware with a humidification pack will work just fine! (Carlos Osuna)

28. Pre cut them so they are ready to be lit and smoked. (Jason Meyers)

Ski Instructor Meme

4 Things NOT to do When Traveling with Cigars

1. Take only what you plan to smoke! (Amelia Nathlie)

2. Mooch at your destination. (Don Kozerow)

3. Wrap them in dirty socks; it keeps them moist. (Kurt Hiner)

4. Smoke them quick enough and they’ll never go bad. (Dan Santopietro)

What other tips for traveling with cigars can you think of?

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