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CheapHumidors: The Right Choice for your Cigar Accessory Needs

In 1997, when I started CheapHumidors, I quickly realized that there wasn't a lot of information to help people getting into the cigar smoking hobby. 

If you were anything like me, you probably got some cigars and had absolutely no idea how to store them, the correct way to light them, or even how to cut them properly.

I created Cigar University, so I could teach new cigar smokers everything they needed to know so they could truly enjoy the hobby. 

At the same time, I wanted to offer reliable and affordable cigar accessories that would be easy to use.

Nowadays you can go and buy a cigar humidor and cigar accessories from dozens of places; even Amazon. 

Do you really want to trust your expensive cigars to companies that know nothing about cigar storage? 

You should have somebody looking out for you, that is why we:

 Know exactly what we are selling
✅ Have tested all of our products
✅ Only sell easy to use items that work
✅ Answer your questions even if you don't buy from us