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4 Cigar Accessories for Women

Does the lady in your life love a good cigar? Congratulations, you've found a keeper! Share your love of cigars with a number of cigar accessories women will love.

Ionic Smoke Eliminating Ashtray

Cigar smoke can have a wonderful smell, but it's important to enjoy it on your terms. There will be times your lady just does not want to smell like cigar smoke, and that's okay! This ashtray is perfect for your home or your car, as it will allow you to enjoy your cigar and get rid of the smoke as you go, preventing the smell from lingering long after you are done.

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Brazilian Rosewood Sliding Ashtray with Humidor

While this ashtray does not get rid of the smoke, it does contain the ash in a beautiful way. The elegant black design makes and attractive display piece, but this particular ashtray combines form with function, which makes it ideal. Slide the ashtray drawer out to catch the cigar ash in one neat and tidy place. Better yet, there is a cigar holder above the ashtray, so if the cigar needs to ever be put down, it is in a safe place. The attached humidor includes a humidifier and can hold 5 to 7 cigars, making it a wonderful starter set or a wonderful new addition for new cigars. With everything you need in one place, you’ll get points for thinking of a gift that keeps everything nice and organized.

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The Fourth Element Quad Torch Lighter

The black-on-gunmetal design of this butane cigar lighter fits in well with the Brazilian Rosewood ashtray and humidor above, showing that even with cigars, accessorizing can be flawless. The magenta colored flame will also stand out from the crowd, and the included punch cutter will have your lady smoking even sooner. With four torches, lighting any cigar will be a breeze.

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Cigar Cutter

A cigar cutter is essential for any cigar lighter, new or old. Cigars can be enjoyed quite differently depending on the cut used before smoking them. You may have to observe if your lady prefers one cut over another. If they have not experimented with a particular cut, a brand-new cigar cutter can be a perfect gift. A stylish guillotine cutter or a sleek V cutter will be sure to impress, and serve as a reminder of your shared love for cigars every time she lights up.

If your lady is new to the cigar hobby, the Colibri S Cutter features an EZ-Cut back which will provide a 2.5mm straight cut every single time. The ease of use makes it a wonderful choice for beginners and seasoned cigar lovers alike. If your lady prefers a V-cut, the Colibri V-Cutter will make an ideal option as well. Both options keep the black and silver look alive, offering the best accessorizing with functional and quality products all around.

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