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Digital Hygrometers

Should you stay analog or go digital with your hygrometer? Here are a few things to consider:
Additional Accuracy
The displays on digital hygrometers outmatch the displays on analog ones in terms of accuracy. Instead of relying on a needle to point at the right number or line on a dial, the digital hygrometer can simply give you a readout of the relative humidity. The percentage is often displayed to 1/10th of a percent, which is particularly helpful when your calibration kit is set for 75.5% relative humidity.
More Bang for Your Buck
Many digital hygrometers offer additional features and functions. For example, many digital hygrometers read not only the humidity, but they also include a thermometer to read the temperature inside your humidor. Maintaining proper humidity and temperature is made easier with one simple tool.
Easier to Read
Most analog hygrometers display the humidity with a rotating needle along the face of the hygrometer. Oftentimes the numbers on the face are rather small. This can be hard to read from a distance, or for cigar lovers who may have trouble with their vision. Many digital hygrometers feature large digital displays that show off the humidity readings in large, easy to see numbers.
Variety of Shapes
Analog hygrometers are circular in shape, to allow for the needle to move across the display. With digital hygrometers, the sky is the limit. Circular options are available, but so are rectangular ones, which give you more options as far as where in your humidor to place the hygrometer so it won’t be in the way of your cigars.

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