Cigar Humidor Beads

Are you looking for one of the easiest ways to humidify your cigars? Look no farther, as science and cigars have finally met in beautiful union. The rest of their kids are pretty nasty looking, but this one is the keeper. This, my friend, is specially engineered silica gel. All you really need to know is this. This stuff is used in museums to control the humidity in the artwork. If Mona Lisa trusts her humidity to this stuff, then you should too (yes there is an easy joke there, but come on now focus). Each 1/2 lb bag will humidify up to 2.5 cubic feet of space. All you need to do is place the beads in a shallow container, spray with some distilled water until 70% of the beads are wet, then place inside your humidor (in the shallow container). Let science do the rest. When the beads turn color, spray them down again. You can use them indefinitely, they never need to be replaced, and they will last several weeks before needing a spritz.

  • Super Accurate Humidity Control
  • Easy to Use
  • Never Needs to be Replaced
  • Preset at 70% Humidity

Customer Reviews

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Hazel Lewis

Cigar Humidor Beads

Alvin Morgan

Currently fighting humidity levels. Had to remove bead, humidity was up to 75%. Do know know what’s going on. Other than that beads works great

Dan Whims
Great so far

So far, these work way better than the florist foam that came in my humidifier

Derick Palmer
Humidor Beads

This is just what I needed to control the humidity level in my humidor. Thank you for getting back to me with answers to my questions. I referred your website to a friend...

Danny Davis
Simple To Use, & They Work

Any cigar smoker, young or old, a rookie or an experienced old pro; 71 yrs here, it doesn't matter, the #1 concern is your humidor and its well-kept humidity. Bad humidity and your cigar may taste like something the cat drug in. I've been there folks, and I don't even have a cat. Believe me, I've tried a lot of Humidity controlling devices. But hands down, the best you can get is right here.

I'm not a rocket scientist and could never begin to explain how they work, but they just do. After you get your Humidor seasoned, you did buy your humidor here didn't you?, I've bought three over a lot of years, but after you season it, some of these beads in a small container or I have cloth bags, but just keep them slightly moist, and that's it. No battery to replace, no expensive chemicals, just use distilled H2O, and your Humidor and your Cigars will love you.

Your cigars will taste as you wanted them to and not as you hand-rolled them using straw off the horse stable floor.

Really an awesome product! And for those of you out there as old as I am, they are Far Out Man!