Boveda EZ Seasoning Kit

Take the guesswork out of seasoning your new humidor. Boveda seasoning packets guarantee a complete and even equilibration of moisture without causing mold, a mustiness smell, or warping as commonly happens when following traditional seasoning methods. Nothing could be easier. You just open the plastic bag and throw this packet inside your humidor. Close the lid and let it sit for a few days and you are all set.

  • Easy to Use
  • 60 Gram Pack
  • Just Throw into Your Humidor
  • Creates 84% Environment
  • Lab Tested for Accuracy
  • Reusable

How many packets do you need? 

The quantity of Boveda is dependent upon the size of the humidor being used for your cigars. Since Boveda will never over-humidify beyond the percentage on the pack, using more than one pack is recommended. This will ensure that Boveda works efficiently, precisely, and lasts longer.

NOTE: “Humidor Capacity” does not mean how many cigars you have inside the humidor. It means how many cigars the humidor claims it can hold in total capacity.

Up to 25 Cigar Capacity 1 60 Gram Pack
26-50 Cigar Capacity 2 60 Gram Packs
51-75 Cigar Capacity 3 60 Gram Packs
76-100 Cigar Capacity 4 60 Gram Packs
101-125 Cigar Capacity 5 60 Gram Packs
126-150 Cigar Capacity 6 60 Gram Packs
151-200 Cigar Capacity 8 60 Gram Packs
201-250 Cigar Capacity 10 60 Gram Packs
251-300 Cigar Capacity 12 60 Gram Packs

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Kevin Britton
Easy peasy

The best, the fastest, the easiest way to season you box without any mess.

Larry McCart
Boveda seasoning kit

Easy to set up. Now let's wait and see .good hopes

Rich Reiling
Good product

Works as advertised

Davey Mouers
Boveda Seasoning Kit

Just finished up the two week seasoning process. I just reintroduced cigars into the humidor and all appears to be working well. Very please with the process and I would highly recommend these seasoning packs.

Very Easy Product to Use

Bought a new Adirondack Cigar Humidor at Decided to use the Boveda EZ Seasoning Kit rather than all the Internet recipes that proliferate the Web. This product was very easy to use and the results were exactly what I wanted. Recommended.