Understanding Ligero, Seco and Volado

There is a great deal that goes into the creation of the perfect cigar. Many people do not realize this, but there is much more to the tobacco leaf than just the variety. Of course, we all know that different tobaccos grown in different parts of the world have different flavors, but the details do not end there. In fact, there is more than one leaf on each tobacco plant, and all of the types of leaves are important to cigars that you add to your humidor.

There are three types of leaves on each tobacco plant. These three types are called Ligero, Seco, and Volado. Each and every cigar needs a combination of these three types, and the combination and how it is created will have a direct impact on the taste and smokability of your cigar. Look in your humidor. Each of those cigars has a certain type of tobacco. Each of those cigars also has Ligero, Seco and Volado leaves included.

Just what is the difference between the three types? Ligero, the first type, is made from the leaves at the top of the tobacco plant. These leaves will have the most flavor and will be the boldest. The more of the Ligero included, the stronger the cigar will be. The next type, Seco, comes from the middle part of the tobacco plant. These leaves are of the mild type, so depending on how much Seco is used; it will affect the mild flavor of your cigar.

The final leaf is the Volado. When it comes to flavor and aroma, the Volado does virtually nothing. Instead, this leaf, found at the bottom of the plant, will have the most burn ability. All cigars need Volado leaves so that they will burn properly and you will be able to enjoy them. This is because Ligero and Seco leaves will not burn very well on their own at all. Volado will make sure your cigars will burn.

Chances are, you have a few different varieties of cigars in your humidor. Many of these cigars can have varying flavors based on what part of the world they came from. Tobacco grown in different countries will certainly taste different. In addition, the cigars in your humidor will contain all three types of tobacco leaf, the Ligero, the Seco, and the Volado. The balance of these three types will affect the strength, boldness, and aroma of your cigars.

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