Top 6 Budget Cigars for College Students

Top 6 Budget Cigars for College Students

As a college student, you’ve got plenty of things to worry about: that ridiculous comprehensive Biology final, registering for classes next semester (which you don’t want to even think about), figuring out how to pass your pre-reqs while showing up for the least amount of classes, and somehow managing to have a social life at the same time. While we know that college consists of the honors students, hipsters, and athletes among many other types of students, we also know there is a group of cigar smokers out there, wondering what the best cigars are for that broke college student on a budget.

Here are the Top 6 Budget Cigars for College Students so you don’t break the bank and default on your student loans. As for the rest of you, maybe you should relive your college days and celebrate with an inexpensive cigar, because now, you’re completely drowning in bills…

1. Macanudo: Cru Royale

Everyone remembers their freshman year of college. It was a time of wonder, discovery, and many rough/awkward mornings. You were so full of promise and commitment, and you were so dedicated to your pre-med major. All it took was Organic Chemistry to ruin that dream. But you somehow still managed to survive your college transition and actually enjoyed it. Nothing takes you back to that year like the Macanudo Cru Royale, which has light flavors of cedar and chocolate, and finishes off with a bit of spice and earth flavors. You smoked this cigar between your rigorous study sessions for Chemistry, and it was the only moment you had to relax, unwind and forget about what was expected of you. This cigar reminds you of how awesome it was to find a good cigar deal when you were pretty broke. At $5.99, this is definitely a steal!

Just a little scary...

2. La Aroma de Cuba: Mi Amor

You know the coffee addict. You’re pretty sure he doesn’t sleep and he shows up to class wired on a quad-shot espresso drink. How else is he supposed to stay awake during his 8AM History lecture? He’s kind of intense and a little scary, but he knows all the hook-ups with the baristas so you stick with him. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is coffee in a cigar. The entire cigar has flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, and cocoa, which tastes great with (you guessed it!) COFFEE and is the perfect stick for any coffee lover. At under $8 per stick, it’s a small price to pay for that coffee fix!

3. Joya de Nicaragua: Fuerte Serie B

Everyone knows the overachiever. She’s the girl that studies full-time, is the president of two clubs, plays center field for the intramural soccer team, AND is an editor for the school paper. She’s the one that puts every other student that walks in hungover to their 2 PM class to shame. And if that overachiever resembled a cigar, it would be the Joya de Nicaragua Fuerte Serie B. This cigar does it all; don’t be fooled by the “Serie B” because it’s definitely not a B average cigar. This well-balanced cigar mixes flavors of toasted wheat, alfalfa, wood, leather AND smoked hickory, and it’s also perfect for any student on a budget at under $4 per cigar.

Also scary...

4. La Herencia Cubana: Oscuro Fuerte

Plato, Socrates, Hobbes, Kant, and Nietzsche. While they’re all geniuses, you must admit that they’re also a little nutty, just like your Philosophy major buddy. He’s a cool guy, who is super smart and gives you some mind-blowing theories on how Ferris is just a figment of Cameron’s imagination. But sometimes…he takes you on a whirlwind of a conversation and you’re sort of left nodding your head in agreement because what he was saying stopped making sense to you about 10 minutes ago. La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte takes you on that same whirlwind, except your head doesn’t hurt afterwards (just make sure not to smoke it too fast). It starts off with flavors of cocoa, leather and butterscotch. Then it sends you over to a taste of almonds (a little nutty, remember?) and finally a peppery finish. This cigar will blow your mind at only $5 per stick!

5. Carlos Tonado: Exodus Gold

“Yeah, dude. Totally. This is like, the real deal right here, man.” He’s the dude with dreads who sets up a booth with a “Legalize It” banner in front of the library every Wednesday morning. His girlfriend looks like Jenny at the protest in Forest Gump. He sits cross-legged in class and doesn’t ever wear shoes. We will politely call him “the hippie.” And like the hippie, the Carlos Torano Exodus Gold 1959 is a down to earth cigar. It’s got flavors of earthy tobacco, woods, and peppers. Although we don’t think the hippie you knew smoked very many cigars, maybe the Exodus Gold at $5.99, is a better, cheaper (and legal) option.

Fuerte Serie B, Mi Amor & Cru Royale

6. Joya de Nicaragua: Celebracion

You remember that smooth-talking friend that always seemed to get the ladies wherever he went? He was your best friend and an awesome wingman; well, until he passed out on your couch…But still, this is the guy who is always up for a celebration. He really gets the party going, and if it starts dying he lights something on fire (did we mention he’s also a little dangerous, too?). Well just like that awesome guy, the Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion can be the life of the party too; it carries strong notes of cocoa, leather and coffee. But the party doesn’t have to stop; light another on fire! Because at $5.99 a cigar, you really can’t go wrong with this “The Ultimate Bro” cigar.

We’re positive that you’ll get more bang for your buck with these cigars and they won’t break your bank. And if you’re shopping for a grad, do him a favor and get him all six of these…chances are he’s gonna need a nice cigar to cry over when he has to start paying back his student loans.

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