Top 14 Cigars for Newbies

It is one of the most common questions a smoker receives: I am a new smoker, what brand would you recommend that I try? Talk about putting us under pressure! What if we suggest something you hate and you swear off cigars forever?! Around the office, we generally recommend more mild cigars for newbies, insuring that they do not get nicotine sick and puke all over us, because, let’s face it, that isn’t fun for anyone involved (Especially the janitor that has to clean it up, sorry Frank! We’ve learned our lesson).

Another thing we’ve learned is to stay away from the expensive brands (think Liga Privada and Padron) simply because most people smoking their first cigar do not end up finishing the whole thing, so why waste a high-end stick? Then again, you do not want to swing too far to the other side and recommend a dog rocket which will scare them away. Instead, we recommend a nice mild to medium, mid-priced stick, usually a well-known brand so they have at least heard of it. But that’s just us… We polled different social media outlets to find out what brand YOU usually recommend to new cigar smokers. Turns out, not everybody thinks like us.

Cigars for Newbies

Here are the Top 14 Cigars for Newbies:

14. Drew Estate’s Java
Okay, we get it. Many of us started off smoking flavored or infused cigars. They are less threatening than their traditional counterparts and are a nice introductory smoke.

13. Romeo y Julieta
For the most part, Romeo y Julieta lines are medium strength and inoffensive. Not too expensive, and well-known. Good choice, just aim that newbie towards the Vintage or 1875-types, not the fuller-strength RyJ or Reserve lines.

12. Cheap Humidor’s At Ease Military Cigars
We swear we didn’t plant this one. Scout’s honor. These cigars are inexpensive, medium strength, and delicious. Plus, it has a tapered cap so it is easy to cut for a newbie.

11. Punch
With names like “Uppercut” and “Bare knuckles” these are sure to stick out in the minds of the novice smoker.

10. ACID by Drew Estate
That is a fine line to walk. ACID is one of those love ‘em or hate ‘em brands, a bit divisive for a first cigar.

9. Oliva
Ah yes, the multifaceted Oliva. From the super-sweet and mild Flor de Oliva, to the full strength, much-loved Oliva Serie V, this brand has something for everyone. Oliva Serie V is one of the few full-strength blends that doesn’t tend to overwhelm a newbie.

8. Liga Privada
Wow, way to set them up for super high expectations for the rest of their smoking lives. I feel sorry for the second brand they smoke.

7. 5 Vegas
As long as you steer them away from the powerful Miami line, they should be fine.

6. Padron
Again, a bit expensive for a newb, but hey, if you’re buying, we’ll take one too!

 Top Cigars for Newbies

5. CAO
Definitely makes our PERSONAL top 14 list. Lots of different flavor profiles, lots of options.

4. Montecristo
Not surprising considering it is one of the brands that even non-smokers know.

3. Rocky Patel
Lots of blends and lots of brand recognition. Good pick.

2. Macanudo
Yep, the mild man’s brand. No one is getting sick from a Macanudo.

1. Arturo Fuente
Everyone and their mom has heard of Arturo Fuente. Start with the familiar and work your way to the obscure. Are we really surprised that Arturo Fuente landed at the top of the list? No.

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