Special: 10 Rules of Proper Cigar Etiquette

Some of the first cigar etiquette rules were written by Zino Davidoff in 1967. Since then, there have been many rules or “suggestions” on what to do or not do with our cigars. Some of these rules are based in time-honored traditions while others have come about due to evolving trends in cigar smoking.

Below is a list of important points that I think, we need to keep in mind while smoking cigars:

1. Don’t Bring in Outside Cigars

Don’t bring outside cigars in with you – local brick and mortar shops depend on cigar sales to stay in business. Bringing cigars from home or another shop takes advantage of amenities without giving anything back. Bryan Glynn of Cigar Obsession has an alternative idea that makes sense to me. He recently mentioned that if really want to smoke outside cigars, at least purchase the same amount of cigars from the tobacconist you are going to smoke.

 2. Don’t Stub Out the Cigar

Don’t stub out a cigar when you are finished – this is probably one of the first rules expressed to the cigar smoking public and it is still relevant today. When you are done with your cigar, just lay it down in the ashtray and let it go out by itself. Smashing the nub like a cigarette is just vulgar and can release unpleasant odors.

3. Stay Out of the Humidor!

Don’t smoke inside an enclosed humidor – A tobacconist’s humidor should be a carefully controlled atmosphere and I personally don’t feel cigar smoke belongs with the cigars out for sale in the humidor.

4. Leave His Cigar Alone

Never light another man’s cigar – While I appreciate some cigar shop’s offer of cutting a cigar I’ve purchased from them, I feel the cutting and lighting of a cigar should be done personally.

 5. Don’t Stick it Up Your Nose

When choosing a cigar at a shop, don’t stick it up your nose – that’s inconsiderate of others if you put it back down. You can get the aroma from the foot of a cigar by placing it a half inch from your nose.

 6. Stop Trash Talking

Trash talking cigars – everyone’s taste in cigars is different. Smoke what you enjoy and don’t compare your cigar to what others are smoking. Also, if you are a cigar representative, tell me what’s great about your cigar, not why someone else’s cigar is inferior to yours.
Colibri Slice Double Blade Cigar Cutter

 7. Keep the Cutter Sanitary

Don’t use another’s cutter if the cap has been in your mouth – This is similar to the cigar foot up your nose. It’s just a sanitary issue. Don’t wet the cap of a cigar before cutting, especially if you are using a community cutter or borrowing a friend’s.

 8. Watch Your Ashes!

Ash management – accidents always happen but, try to anticipate when the cigar ash will drop off and gently roll it off the cigar into the ashtray.

 9. Follow House Rules

Respect the House – many cigar shops have “house” rules. You should follow those rules so that your smoking experience and that of others remains a good experience.

10. Don’t Take Freebies and Disappear

Don’t be a mooch at events – many cigar shop events include food and drink supplied to customers as a thank you for their business. Don’t show up just for the freebies and leave. Take advantage of the event discounts and support the shop owners by picking up some cigars.

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