How Should I Hold a Cigar?

How Should You Hold a Cigar
Ok, so this is one of those basic, 101 topics that those new to the hobby want to ask but don’t want to feel like a new fish.

There are some cigar aficionados who spend a significant amount of time arguing over the finer points of cigar smoking etiquette. Questions concerning whether or not to remove the label before smoking a cigar have been argued ad nauseam, and there are still individuals who stand firmly on both sides of the fence. Another question that often comes up for cigar smoking newbies is how to properly hold a cigar. Once again, there isn’t just one way and how you hold cigars will depend on what feels best for you.

Most cigar smokers will agree that holding a cigar like you would a cigarette would be a mistake. While many believe it’s simply bad etiquette to hold a cigar like a cigarette, there is also a practical reason for not doing so. When you hold a cigar between your index finger and your middle finger, you are more than likely to drop it. The larger width of most cigars necessitates a firmer grip that cannot be provided by the fingers you’d use while holding a cigarette.

The most common way to hold a cigar is between the index finger and the thumb. The backside of the middle finger provides support to the bottom of the cigar. Most smokers will agree that this is the most ideal and proper way to hold a cigar. However, this will, of course, depend on your preferences. The best way to determine how you should hold a cigar is to see what your fingers do naturally when you light up. If one position feels awkward for you, then switch fingers until you find the most comfortable method.

When lighting a cigar, you’ll want to hold it horizontally. Using an odorless lighter, bring the flame to the end of the cigar and turn it until it is uniformly lit. You can blow on the end to ensure that it is well lit and burning consistently. Then, find a comfortable holding position and enjoy the experience.

In time, you will not only know how to properly hold a cigar, but you will also know how to judge a cigar based partly on its feel. Hold the cigar using a soft grip and feel it from one end to the other in order to check for consistency. If there are uneven, soft, or hard spots, it will not draw smoothly. As you become an experienced cigar smoker, you will begin to acquire your own unique smoking habits and cigar accessories that will enhance your experience.

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