5 Things Every Man Cave Needs

A man cave is a refuge from the outside world, a place to relax and enjoy a cigar alone or with your mates. Many man caves include video games, televisions, and high quality sound systems, which are amazing amenities to have, but when it comes down to it, not every man will find these things absolutely essential to his space. The list below includes the bare necessities that every classy, cigar-friendly man cave should include.

1. A good lounge chair

There is no better feeling than coming home after a long day and collapsing into an overstuffed recliner that lets you put your feet up. Ideally, this throne of comfort and relaxation would include a drink holder and an ashtray, either built in or within easy reach, as well as light reading (see below for some suggestions) and the various accoutrements necessary for smoking that end-of-the-day cigar (lighter, cutter, etc.). Whether you prefer a classy leather reclining chair or the unmatched luxury of a full-length, body-sized bean bag, a comfortable piece of furniture that is devoted solely to relaxation is arguably the most important feature of every man cave.

2. Dartboard

Darts is the gentleman's pub game, one of skill and precision played without breaking a sweat - unless, of course, a bet among friends is involved, in which case owning a dartboard on which to practice would be wise. Hanging a dartboard in your man cave provides you with the opportunity to do just that, as well as invite friendly competition with those fortunate enough to be invited into your personal space. Unwinding after a workday with darts in your man cave instead of television in the lounge room is a great way to relax without completely zoning out.

3. Humidor

No self-respecting connoisseur of cigars would create a man cave without a humidor to preserve his most prized parejos; without one, tobacco beetles can infest and ruin an entire stock, or the tobacco itself can be subject to cigar rot. For the casual cigar enthusiast, a personal humidor that holds 5 to 75 cigars and sits atop a desk or coffee table is the perfect addition to a man cave, but for a more serious collector with the space, a cabinet humidor that holds 300 to 5000 cigars can be tucked into a corner near the aforementioned necessity of the lounge chair as a standalone piece of furniture.

4. Whiskey stones

Few things pair better than a good cigar and a stiff glass of scotch or bourbon, but if you are one to really savor your drinks for longer than it takes for an ice cube to fully melt, whiskey stones are an essential addition to the various trappings of a fully-stocked man cave. Rather than allowing your finely aged whiskey to be watered down, use frozen whiskey stones to keep your drink cool without weakening it.

5. Nice Ashtrays

Your man cave should make all your guests feel comfortable. Part of that is having all the equipment you need for a good time. If you’re going to be drinking, playing games, watching tv, etc. you want to be able to have both hands free. Having a few well-placed ashtrays with enough stirrups for you and all your guests will eliminate messes and allow everyone to enjoy their time in your place.

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