Cedar Cigar Tray with Divider

Cedar Cigar Tray with Divider
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About This Item:
  • Made from Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Perfect for bulk cigar storage
  • Stackable
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Description: Need an extra tray to store your loose cigars? Looking to better organize your coolerdor? We have these high quality cedar trays with slots to allow for air-circulation. Go ahead, stack them up, pile them high. This tray even comes with a adjustable/removable Spanish cedar divider. Please note: The bottom of the tray is MDF lined in Spanish cedar. The sides and divider are solid cedar.
Dimensions: 12 1/2" W x 7 1/2" D x 2 1/4" H
  • Made of Spanish Cedar
  • Large Slots for Air Circulation
  • Perfect for that Extra Storage
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