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"Today's transaction was Great! I stopped buying from The website for a while because the pop up ad was almost impossible to close on my iphone."
Lektrikman00, 11/30/2015
"Just what I've been looking for, I think. I won't be using it until Spring (Golfing)."
Mr. Happy, 11/29/2015
"always a pleasure ordering from cheaphumidors"
Bob Flad, 11/28/2015
"Excellent products and great prices."
Mark Hugoboom, 11/28/2015
"As a regular purchaser of these products, and as a fan of, I would appreciate occasionally receiving a good-quality sample cigar thrown in to order of 20 or ..."
Andrew S., 11/24/2015

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John: The engraved brass nameplate was exactly what I wanted to put on the front ...

Rich: The fact that this lighter has enough jets that it will light an average ...

Trey: Easily holds 72% humidity for long lasting perfect cigars.

Atticus1066: An outstanding combination of value and quality.