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Vertigo Gemini Dual Flame Lighter-CL-GEM-31 Zoom

Vertigo Gemini Dual Flame Lighter

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Item Number: CL-GEM

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Product Description


The Vertigo Gemini Dual Flame Lighter is an enigma. Is it a torch lighter or a soft flame lighter? Should you use it to light a cigar or is it meant to be used to light up a pipe? It is possible to use this lighter to light your pipe with a soft flame or you can use it to light your cigar with the torch flame.

The Vertigo Gemini is aptly named as it offers two types of flames in one lighter, both soft flame and jet torch. The Gemini begins as a torch flame, but with a simple flip of a switch located on the top of the lighter will go to a traditional soft flame lighter.

Just like any Gemini, there are always two sides to them and the Vertigo Gemini is certainly no exception.

But remember two is always better than one so really this lighter is doing you a favor. Get the Gemini and you will always be safe and protected with your dual dueling flames. Go forth and conquer the world, or don't get a concussion when you fall off your bicycle and hit your head.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Metal
Manufacturer Lotus
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter No
Flame Type Soft/Torch
Number of Flames Two


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