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Vector KGM Xcaliber Double Flame Butane Torch Lighter and Guillotine-CL-VXCALIBER-30 Zoom


Vector KGM Xcaliber Double Flame Butane Torch Lighter and Guillotine


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Product Description


This single action dual flame wind resistant torch lighter features a spring loaded guillotine cutter as sharp as Excalibur itself. This lighter also has a fuel gauge on the side and can cut cigars up to a ring gauge of 52.

  • Spring Loaded Guillotine Cigar Cutter
  • Wind Resistant Double Butane Torch Flame
  • Side Fuel Window

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Metal
Manufacturer Vector KGM
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter Yes
Flame Type Torch
Number of Flames Two


Great Lighter, Great PriceReview by William
Once again, another good lighter with great value and prices that are often too good to pass up. Especially if you like the design and operational features. My quality rating reflects my observation of quality raw materials, used in the production/ manufacturing.

KGM has some very creative designs and good pricing that's relative to the use of raw materials. Bluntly said, you receive what you paid for. Photos can show the lighter, however once it's in your hand it's different. Again, you get what you paid for, relative to raw materials. I must give the creative team an A+ for creativity in their designs, truly unique one of a kind lighters that you don't see from other company's.

I collect unique, innovative lighters. Collecting only the rare and unique designs. KGM lighters fit that description without exception. I own more KGM lighters than any other brand. I would not spend my time giving honest feedback on a brand that's not reliable, easy to use and maintain, an accurate description of the KGM brand. Upon starting my collection, I purchased KGM lighters as my first lighters, falling in love with the creativity and attention grabbing innovation.

Please know that I'm careful not to offend anyone, only suggesting and identifying some areas that you may or may not address. I understand the manufacturing process on a wide variety of products, however lighters, I don't have a clue, but would love to know how it's made. The Science channel has a program that comes on every week, called, " HOW IT's MADE". Years ago I would pick out a company we wanted to learn about. I would make all the arrangements and off we would go to get a one on one tour on how potato chips are made. CD's, cassette tapes, the list goes on for how I understand how raw materials purchased from outside, increasing prices that you have no control over. Especially in our manufacturing sector of our country, we have lost a great deal of work to companies across the pond.
I offer my ideas for marketing and educating consumers about butane lighters. I have 35 years of marketing experience, in the corporate world. For years I would receive a butane lighter for a birthday present or Christmas. Never fulling understanding how to refill and maintain a butane. There is very little to manage, especially compared to the Zippo brand type lighters.

I honestly believe that if a company takes the time to develop a step by step process of how to fill and adjust the flame. be helpful in hopefully giving you information that can be used to communicate to customers, via email. Send a Happy Birthday, digital card. Have a contest internally, asking for associates to submit ideas for the B-Day electronic card. Offer those customer who are having a birthday, a discount on their next order, with a XXX discount on their next purchase of a lighter and Sundry items, like fuel (sp?) equalling a total sale of XXX amount you establish. You could also refer to lighters from a certain collection that I will define later on. The message is to show your appreciation to your customers, for a number of things I will help you create. I really enjoy creating a brand new piece of literature and a promotional program.

Another idea to increase brand awareness and more sales. Send an email to customers, called lighting things up, or whatever you prefer. It's a contest about finding the oldest KGM, Vector or the name of the oldest brand name produced by kGM, or how it can be identified as a lighter you may have produced, years ago.

There is a need for lighters that fit into several categories pertaining to price points, style/design, use and DIY maintenance, ie, re-filling and adjusting the flame. Easy to do. There's much more maintenance with the Zippo type.
It's a common misunderstanding among most people, they are afraid of butane lighters, not understanding how to refill and in some cases they shy away thinking it's so difficult to maintain. I should know, I was once just like that. I received butane lighters over the years and always had bad experiences with trying to fill, never knowing the important steps necessary before refilling can start. I'm an old feller, no one had computers on their desk and smoking was allowed in all public establishments, as well as the workplace. I remember when you could smoke in the hospital, after surgery on walking up and down the hallway. What a big difference
I appreciate KGM. I'm a loyal customer, so please don't misunderstand my suggestion to make some revisions. I just dated myself. LOL
I understand your market, I've been collecting and talking to local and regional collectors, cigar shop owners and smokers for years. What excites me is to introduce someone to a good butane lighter, explaining the advantages over the Zippo type. Help me, how should I refer to them without using Zippo's name?
They make a good product, if you like the odor, the hassle of changing flints, I could go on. Today I wouldn't use anything but a butane. I believe it takes educating the consumer. Once you explain the advantages, which far out way the cost. Ask someone to figure how many Bic disposable lighters they would use in a lifetime, compared to a butane. The cost comparison alone is convincing, unless someone is just too lazy to own one and doesn't get it when it comes to status feeling you convey to your friends, or the lady at the bar. I explain how fast Z type lighter lose their fuel, evaporating as it sits on your dresser and in your pocket, irritating your leg, underneath the area where your pocket lies. Once you refill and add an extra gallon for good measure, you will know it soon, your leg starts burning, leaving a red welt, irritated and smelling like you took a dip in a pool of fuel. LOL. But when it comes to a butane, there are advantages that far outweigh the Z type.

KGM has outstanding creative designs, creating a desire to light every candle or unlit cigar,pipe or cigarette. It's amazing how women react when they see your stylish sleek design. Even male friends will comment, " let me see that". Oh that's a cool lighter, where did you buy that? I would receive a lighter as a gift. I immediately started using the lighter. Once the fuel was gone, I couldn't figure out how to refill properly. The line would be full of air, creating a mess and a new lighter that does not work properly. It was not a lighter problem, but an operator problem, ME. I would get frustrated and put it away, never getting the opportunity to use it past the first tank of fuel. What a waste. I finally had enough, since all I was receiving for gifts, was a butane lighter and I wanted to use them.

I'm hoping that whoever reads my letter, understands I appreciate and admire your brand, thinking you should possibly create a brand name for each category or design line that is divided into categories, speaking to the vast and varied customer base, your intended audiences. For example a Sports line, Men's and Ladies, a Prestige line, a mid-range line with a creative category name, in the same vane as a Sport's edition or line,etc. You already have an outstanding selection to chose from, so I'm just suggesting that you name each selection, since some have one jet, while others may have four.
Thanks if you read all of my essay, LOL I would not spend my time to fall on deaf ears, but hopefully give you constructive suggestions, making you better and the best, establishing a brand that is immediately associated with adjectives like quality, innovation. etc.
I participate for free in several focus groups. Sharing feedback with national chains, who appreciate the loyalty and suggestions, serving as a voice who wants to increase your brand awareness. I offer my services for free, just the satisfaction of being part of something much larger than myself and the chance to stimulate my brain, interact within a team and ultimately see the results of the team's efforts.
I would welcome the opportunity to submit some ideas formally, if you like.
Thank You for your time
William ( MIchael) Therrell
704-999-3538 (Posted on 10/8/2015)

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