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The Shuriken Black Composite Cigar Cutter-CC-SHUR-31 Zoom

The Shuriken Black Composite Cigar Cutter

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Item Number: CC-SHUR

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Product Description


Have you ever asked yourself, "How do ninjas cut their cigars?" I mean it's a legit question, ninjas cannot be bothered to dull their katana by cutting cigars. Plus ninjas are huge fans of not leaving a trace or being recognized while they're out ninjaing. So they cannot just lob off the end of their cigar... that would create evidence of their existence. The only option ninjas have is to use the Shuriken Black Composite Cigar Cutter. The Shuriken cigar cutter is designed with a ninja in mind. The cutting method it uses is 6 surgically sharp blades arranged in a star pattern that are enclosed to ensure no tobacco fallout. That way any ninja can enjoy their cigar in privacy, like they always do.

So be like a ninja and take control of your cigar draw with the Shuriken "I Draw Technology" which is a revolutionary new way to cut your cigars. The 6 razor sharp blades enclosed in a capsule shaped cigar cutter. These 6 razor blades allow you to choose just how much of the cigar you will open and precisely allows you to set or adjust your draw rate. The science behind the Shuriken is that it draws the smoke evenly throughout the cigar, resulting in a cooler, more flavorful smoke. It positions the smoke onto the tongue where the most pleasant tastes are experienced, and the draw is controlled by the pressure of your mouth on the slits made by the cutter.

Dimensions external: 2 5/8" x 1 3/16" x up to 60 ring gauge

  • Composite, light weight
  • 6 surgically sharp cutting blades
  • Ergonomically shaped - comfortable in your hand
  • Retains tobacco until you are ready to clean it
  • Revolutionary I Draw Technology, finally you control the draw rate of your favorite cigar

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Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days


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