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The Regal Red Quad Torch Leather Wrapped Table Lighter-CL-REGAL-31 Zoom

The Regal Red Quad Torch Leather Wrapped Table Lighter

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Item Number: CL-REGAL

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Product Description


Kings and queens of the cigar world, as you look over your tobacco domain are you satisfied? Are all of your tools, humidors and cigars on par with your royal status? Do you seek to enhance your imperial appearance? Are you regal enough?

Allow us to help you on your quest o mighty rulers and let us show you the Holy Grail of lighters. This is the Regal Leather Wrapper Lighter and it is here to solidify your position on the tobacco throne. Okay I can’t do anymore of ye olde praise but this lighter is truly a tool of majesty and it’s easy to see why.

The leather wrap around this lighter not only provides it with both a modern and classy appeal alongside its stainless steel body, but also serves as helpful grip when you go to grab this lighter. This lighter will start up with ease, as it is single action so you’ll never overexert your noble fingers when going to enjoy a cigar from your collection. It also has an attached cap to contain the sheer power within (so you can prevent having a royal screw up). If the flame is too strong for your needs you can also easily adjust it and keep this stately companion around with you as long as you have the butane to fuel it up.

Any true king or queen is nothing without their royal subjects and when it comes to the kingdom of cigars, no subject is more important than the duke of flames. Everyone in the court can debate flavors and cuts, humidity and temperature all they want but until the Duke shows up, everybody’s just holding onto bundles of leaves. So be sure to admit the Regal Leather Wrapper Lighter into your cigar court, as you will find no finer lighter in all the land.

  • Shiny, Brushed Metal Finish
  • Cap and Chain
  • Built-in Punch Cutter
  • Powerful RED Quad Torch Flames

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Leather, Metal
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter Yes
Flame Type Torch
Number of Flames Four


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