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The Maduro Lovers 5 Cigar Sampler-DEAL-LOVE-31 Zoom

The Maduro Lover's 5 Cigar Sampler

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Product Description


Fortune favors the bold. That's why whenever you buy scratch-off tickets, you boldly slap down your dollars on the counter at the convenience store and announce, "I'll take that winning ticket there!" Sometimes your boldness at the self-serve scratch-off ticket machine borders on mania, causing people to avoid eye contact as they pass you. Bollocks!! Your brand of boldness deserves an equally bold cigar. Well, once again, fortune favors you. The Maduro Lover's 5 Cigar Sampler has not one, but five such cigars.

Commence your boldness with the Drew Estate Undercrown Belicoso, a cigar that's just letting it all hangout. Kind of like the scantily clad woman you once approached so boldly at the club that she slapped you. Boldly. Her boldness was impressive. And this Undercrown will leave an equally bold impression on you. Just not a red, hand-shaped one. On your face.

Then there's four other awesomely bold cigars, including an E.P. Carillo La Historia E-III, Macanudo Inspirado Black Churchill, Padilla Fumas Maduro Churchill, and the Hammer & Sickle Trademark Maduro Churchill. Enjoy each with a glass of bold, aged Scotch. Each of these cigars makes a great compliment to such a libation. Just don't get too bold with the quantity of Scotch. That can loosen the tongue to make all kinds of "bold" statements. Not a good thing. Especially when you're at work. Or at dinner with your extended family. Yeah. You could just enjoy these cigars each on its own. Boldly alone.

Because your boldness has not been overlooked by the fates. Light up the stogies from the Maduro Lover's 5 Cigar Sampler and bask in the fortune of flavor that each cigar in this collection exudes. Because you know it's not about whether or not your scratch-off tickets win, or your bold pick-up lines work. No. Boldness is about being yourself. Your unabashed, unafraid self. And that is its own reward. Along with a great cigar.

If we run out of stock of a cigar(s) we will substitute it with one of equal or greater value

  • Drew Estate Undercrown Belicoso
  • La Historia By E.P. Carrillo E-III
  • Macanudo Inspirado Black Churchill
  • Padilla Fumas Maduro Churchill
  • Hammer & Sickle Trademark Maduro Churchill

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Additional Information

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Pack 5 Cigars


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