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Pros and Cons of Using a Single Cigar Case

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Going out of the town for a night and wish to take in the pleasure of one of your cigars? A single cigar case will help keep your stick fresh and protected. While they look wonderful, a single cigar case may not be the best case every time. Let’s look at some pros and cons to help you figure out what’s best for your needs.


Single Cigar Cases Make a Great Gift

If you are giving one of your cigars to a friend it to sample, putting that cigar in a single carrying case is not only a thoughtful gesture but a sound way to protect that cigar until it is in your friend's hands. Plus, they will have the single cigar case long after they have smoked a cigar you gave them. Whenever they use the case, they will think of you.

Telescoping Cigar Cases Allow Multiple Cigar Sizes

Well you will only be able to carry one cigar at a time, a telescoping single cigar case will allow you to carry multiple kinds of cigars over the lifetime of the case. Most single cigar tubes are wide enough to hold a variety of cigar rain gauges, and the telescoping structure will usually allow cigars up to 8" in length or so. This gives you a lot of room to work with in order to store your favorite cigar.

Single Cigar Cases Show You Care

To some, getting a case that will only hold one cigar may seem frivolous. However, it does send a clear message that you value your cigar investment, and are willing to do what you can to protect every single one.


Single Cigar Cases Can Get Bulky (and Expensive) in Bulk

A single cigar case is perfect if you only want to take out one cigar. Having multiple single cases for multiple cigars, however, can start to cost you money and will also be a strain to store. Some cigar owners prefer storing their cigars individually and tubes. This often stems from some cigar brands which are sold in individual tubes. some cigar owners prefer having one tube for each respective brand or type of cigar, so as not to let flavors mingle. But single cigar cases take up more room, which can be annoying. If you plan on taking a few cigars out, you are better off getting a case that holds more than one cigar. So long as the cigars are kept in the case for a short period of time, they will likely not affect the flavors of the other cigars.

Single Cigar Cases Can Lead to Mold

While this is an extreme case, and usually more common in cigars that are sold into this, mold can happen in a single cigar case. Typically, you need a cigar that is overly humidified, or the cigar and case to stay in the tube for an extended period of time, and be exposed to extreme humidity. While it takes a few extra rainiest factors for this to happen, mold on a cigar in a single cigar case is far more likely than mold on the cigars in your humidor.

Single Cigar Cases Are Not a Long-Term Solution

A single cigar case is perfect for storing your cigar for an evening or a weekend. However, a cigar case is not a humidor. There is typically no humidifying media inside a single cigar case, which means your cigar is being exposed to the outside elements (however slowly), which can drastically affect your cigar. In humid conditions, your cigar can develop cigar beetles or mold. In drier conditions, your cigar can simply dry out. Be sure to treat your cigar with respect, even if it is not out for a long period of time.