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Silver Cigar Case

Real men and tough ladies need their cigars on the road. There’s no sense investing in a cigar case that won’t hold up to Mother Nature and her challenges to lifelong vagabonds. And honestly, as much as we wish we could go cheaper, a plastic bag won’t keep cigars at a comfortable humidity level when we’re on the go.

When you’re outdoors or travelling, a case that protects your cigars from potential weather damage is a must. Have you ever stored your cigar in a plastic bag, where you thought it was safe, and rolling realized that they got wet, or dried out?

You’re thinking, “What the heck? Why did the internet tell me to put my cigars in this Ziplock when it doesn’t even work?” The do-it-yourself methods can effectively ruin a quality cigar, because you don’t have proper environment control.

In a situation like this, you would’ve been better off with a humidor for protection. Water and humidity causes tobacco to swell, essentially making it impossible to draw smoke or enjoy your cigar at all. It happens too often to outdoor adventurers like yourself, but we’ve got the case that ends this problem.

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This Cigar Caddy silver cigar case is made for the true adventurer. It’s essentially lifeproof: with a water and crush resistant design, a humidifier, and foam protection, this case preserves the full body and moisture of your cigars. Whether you're out on the water, taking a hike, or spending the day golfing, you can carry this case and still enjoy a fresh, flavorful cigar at the day’s end.