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Set of 4 Personalized Printed Cigar Lounge Coasters-UV-CO-CL-31 Zoom

Set of 4 Personalized Printed Cigar Lounge Coasters

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Item Number: UV-CO-CL

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Product Description


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You are bored. You decide to wander the streets of Downtown in search of something exciting to do. They say that the best places are often, “hole-in-the-wall” places; this is eventually what you find. The bouncer on the outside is much shorter than any bouncer you have seen, but you decide go in anyways. You walk up and say “Hi” he does not acknowledge you just stares back, hands you your ID back, you look at his name tag and it reads “Mike”, you mumble “Thanks Mike” and walk in. You are surprised by how many people are in the bar it has a 1930’s bar feel to it. You walk up to the bar and order a drink, the bartender happens to be Jessica Rabbit from the movie “Who Stole Roger Rabbit”, suddenly this place feels really familiar. You ask for a scotch on the rocks, you watch as Jessica Rabbit grabs a tumbler glass, fills it with ice and adds the scotch. The tumbler glass condenses due to the cold, suddenly that drink looks better than anything you could have ever imagined. You take a second to admire the glass, and think you better buy one. You take a sip and reach to place the glass on the bar top, but wait no!

Suddenly you wake up, looks like you actually fell asleep on the couch, because you were bored. But on your coffee table is the tumbler glass with your favorite drink in it- on a coaster. Don’t worry your nightmare of rings on your furniture from beverages won’t happen if you have these awesome UV printed “Cigar Lounge” coasters to save the day!

These coasters are great for a 1930’s bar or even a small get together with friends; just remind them to grab a coaster first! We can’t promise to wake you up from that nightmare.

  • Height of 4 in
  • Width of 4 in
  • Made in house, USA
  • Made from Birchwood
  • Keeps your furniture safe from beverages

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer CheapHumidors
Material Wood
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Warranty 1 Year


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