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Rocky Patel Humidor

Imagine the luxury of smoking your favorite Rocky Patel Vintage. The flavor, the aroma, the feeling like you’re the richest man or woman. You’ve got your cigar in one hand, and a world of opportunity in the other. Sounds pretty great, right?

Well, it will be, as long as you keep those vintage cigars in a humidor. You paid good money for them, so it’s best to take care of those Rocky Patels. Sourced in Honduras, full-body blend of tobacco is wrapped in a Connecticut broadleaf, and perfect for that late evening smoke to end the day on a high note.

Rocky Patels are a medium blend reaching back in history from 1990-1992. Twenty years of aging makes for an exceptional cigar, and seasoned tobacconists will let you in on why the brand was awarded “Best of the Best” in the Robb Report on lifestyle.

These small batch cigars aren’t the cheapest, so it’s best to choose a humidor that’s custom to the size. Vintage cigars are preferred in the industry, and if you let them dry out, we will all be disappointed. We care about your smoking experience, and want to you truly enjoy the cigar for the money it’s worth.

We’ve got humidors in stock that will secure and protect your Rocky Patels. Please, no plastic bags or do-it-yourself coolers. These cigars deserve quality care, and we can help you do that at an affordable price. The Rocky Patel cigar line is one of our favorites, and we want you to get the full experience of a flavorful, excellent draw every time you use one.