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How to Tell if your Humidor Humidity is too High

As a regular dispenser of cigar knowledge, we want to talk about the common question, “Is my humidor humidity too high?” The easy answer would be to tell you that if it’s 70% or higher, yes it is. But honestly the variables involved make this a little more complicated. Let’s explain.

Humidity that’s “too high,” can mean different things to different consumers. Some prefer a dry smoke, while others like their humidity bordering 70% or above. It takes all kinds, and though we each have personal preferences, there are a few guidelines that may help you find your own taste.

Humidity has reached excess when either you start to see mold, or tobacco beetle eggs manifesting themselves in your humidor. Unfortunately, this happens to people who don’t watch their hygrometer levels, and adjust when necessary. This usually happens when the humidity reaches over 70%.

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Now, you may wonder why your humidity got that high in the first place. It could be that you’ve oversaturated an already seasoned humidor. SOme people try to add too much distilled water or polyglycol, and end up causing their own problems. It can be troublesome, especially if you’ve had cigars that were too dry before. But there are a few steps you can take to prevent this.

First, keep the humidor exterior at a constant temperature. Oftentimes people don’t think too much about how the outside environment can cause fluctuations in the humidor, but it absolutely can. Keep your humidor away from heaters or warm rooms to avoid overheating.

Experiment with what humidity percentage you like best. I did a simple trial-and-error test with Gurkha Factum cigars at humidity percentages of 65%, 69%, and 72%. While my preference is a dryer 69%, yours might be different.

In time you’ll become more aware of the tastes and draws that come from different environments, and adopt your own settings. But until then, just test some different methods out. And if you  have questions, check out our Cigar University for more info.