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Cigars 101: Cigar Shapes

As you have probably already figured out, cigars come in all sorts of shapes. The irregular shapes, or figurados, cover all out of the ordinary shaped cigars. This page contains a list of the six most popular figurados.

Belicoso: This cigar usually measures 5" with a ring gauge of 50 and has a rounded head rather than a point.

Presidente/Diademas: This huge cigar, which measures 8 inches or longer has both of its ends closed. The ring gauge increases towards the foot.

Perfecto: This cigar usually has a bulge in the middle and is closed on both ends.

Pyramid: This 6" cigar with a 40/52 ring gauge has a tapered head with an open foot.

Torpedo: A shape with a pointed head, a closed foot and a bulge in the middle.

Cigar Shapes