Waldorf 150 Cigar Arc Shaped Cigar Humidor

You may believe aerodynamics has nothing to do with a humidor’s ability to store and maintain optimal humidity, but you’ve probably not smoked a cigar that was stored in The Waldorf cigar humidor.  The sleek arc design performs that oh so elusive feat of melding form and function effortlessly; meaning all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the best cigars money can buy.  I mean, it’s The Waldorf after all. Please note that the option upgrade for a nameplate is a brass plate, not silver.

  • Lined in Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Dark Zebrawood Finish
  • Unique Arc Shaped Construction
  • Polished Silver Pull
  • Three Cedar Dividers
  • Traditional Foam Humidifiers
  • Analog Hygrometer
  • Free Cigar Scissors
  • Hygrometer, Humidifier, and Cigar Scissors Attach Magnetically to the Lid


Customer Reviews

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I don't often give 5 star reviews but

If you're hesitant about the quality to be expected from a (less than) $30 humidor, as I was, I can happily reassure you that this will not disappoint. Very well made, and a good seal especially once seasoned. Also, the included humidifier uses beads not foam so that's a win. It's a pretty looking box too, And works beautifully for now as I don't intend to expand my cigar collection beyond 40ish at a time for a few years.
I might add that this is a solid wood humidor, which will keep a constant humidity much more effectively than a glass top. All things included, I would highly recommend this product to the casual or beginner cigar smoker/collector who doesn't keep hundreds of cigars on hand.