Valencia Display Humidor with Built-In Digital Hygrometer

So you've blown your entire anniversary present fund on cigars for yourself, and then it dawns on you: you're in deep trouble. Panic starts to set in. Your heart races, your palms sweat and you pace the floors. You didn't think this through, and now the consequences of your impulsiveness are beginning to weigh upon your shoulders. What did you do? How are you going to...keep all these magnificent cigars fresh!?!?

Don't panic! The Valencia 100 Cigar Humidor was practically made for this type of situation. It holds 100 cigars, so each and every one of those beautiful stogies will have a comfortable home. And it's lined with fine Spanish cedar, so it smells good and will keep your cigars from drying out. Also, the Spanish Cedar tray is adjustable, so you can organize your precious stash according to size.

Not to mention it's stunning. With a breathtaking high-gloss finish, it will make a fine addition to your home office or home smoking lounge. The large external hygrometer is also the perfect blend of style and functionality. It looks cool and accurately measures the water vapor levels inside the humidor. Equipped with an oblong humidifier, the humidity levels will stay perfect, ensuring the fullest potential from your cigars.

And it locks. So you can keep meddling hands from meddling with your treasure of stogies.

It's also reasonably priced. So your wife will have to admit it's a good investment. Especially compared to the jetpack you impulsively bought last time. Or the fainting goats. Hilarious. But not nearly as useful or practical as the Valencia 100 Cigar Humidor. So maybe she won't be so mad about the gas station rose and wine coolers you bought her as an anniversary gift.

Who knows, maybe you could even freshen up that dried up old gas station rose by putting it in the humidor for a few hours. It couldn't hurt.

  • High Gloss Finish
  • Spanish Cedar Lining
  • Holds up to 100 Cigars
  • Large External Digital Hygrometer
  • Gold Plated Lock & Key
  • 1 Spanish Cedar Tray with 2 Dividers, Plus 1 Bottom Divider

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
So far so good

I received my product last week. I noticed that the gauge that displays the humidity level is installed crooked. Other than that it is beautiful humidor. It seems to be holding at 69% well after 3 days of checking it.

Looks Good but Lacking Function

Hygrometer is for show only; does not accurately measure humidity.

Great looking product

Ready to order

Best medium size humidor I have

Awesome humidor, holds humidity perfecty, I love the front and top display and the built in hygrometer is directly on point with my xikar digital hygrometer. I have had 2 other medium size humidors but this one is all around the best.

Very satisfied

Very good product