SKU: AT022

Two Cigar Metal Ashtray

This metal ashtray is the perfect addition to your smoking room. The deep bowl will hold all your ashes, while it gently cradles up to two cigars.

  • Made of Lightweight Metal
  • 2 Cigar Rests
  • Large Bowl
  • Can be Used Outside or Inside
  • High Quality Construction

Customer Reviews

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Perfect size, weight!

Use it all the time, grilling too ! Totally worth the price

Great item

Perfect for traveling. Hotels rarely have ashtrays, and if you want to have a smoke on the deck or patio, this ashtray does the trick. It is metal, so won't get broken in your suitcase.

Its Really a Great 1-Cigar" Ashtray"

Its sold as a 2-cigar ashtray and it could work, but what I use it for is a single cigar ashtray. The ashtray allows you to put the cigar into either side of the slot and depending on how it is facing, this allows you to pick up the cigar over the top" if the foot is facing toward you or by the head end if facing away.The ashtray is made of a light weight polished metal (aluminum?) and it is hollow on the bottom with 6 small rubber feet - so it is both light weight and stable. I use mine out doors and I usually leave it there. It is holding up well so far - and it cleans up well. I have another ashtray made of wood and steel and it has rusted in a short period."