The Traveler 15 Cigar Humidor

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An ideal take-along for overnight or weekend trips. So next time you are out in the great beyond, taking those prize winning photos of the ever elusive big foot, be glad your cigars are in perfect working order with this handy dandy travel case.

  • SureSeal Technology Standard
  • Holds up to 15 Cigars
  • 1 Round Humidifier
  • 2 Brass Piano Hinges on Lid
  • Magnets for Secure Lid Closure
  • Scratch Resistant Felt Lined Bottom
  • Mahagony Finish

Customer Reviews

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very nice humidor. instructions would be great on how long ...

very nice humidor. instructions would be great on how long the pack lasts and keeps cigars fresh.

Four Stars

Bought as a xmas present for my best bud. He loves it.

It's a humidor, not a doctor

As part of my bar, I like to have cigars for guests who smoke them. The issue, as always, is that any product that ages needs something to aid it in freshness so I decided to get a humidor as humidors protect cigars from drying out.It's like witchcraft, or basic science, one of those.After much review and sticker shock at some of the humidors available to people who, obviously have a greater need than I do for a humidor that holds many more cigars than all my guests will ever smoke in my life, I found this.It holds just a few cigars, which is perfect for me as it means they remain fresher. It has a good seal, lousy instructions, being as there are none, but this thing called the Internet is vast and has many, many instructional videos on how to cure your humidor.After curing, I stored my cigars and, thus far, have not had any complaints.About the humidor.My ex-wife sends me the occasional e-mail that I have ruined her life since she left me by being happier and less stressed and free from her shrew-like tendencies, accusations, and threats.But I'm not bitter.