The Protege Glass Top Cigar Humidor

Here it is, the perfect humidor for somebody just starting off in the world of cigars, or perhaps someone who just doesn't have a lot to store. This humidor is awesome. You get a gorgeous mahogany finish, humidifier, glass hygrometer and glass top. The best part is that we can engrave this humidor with your name, initials, logo, or anything else you can imagine. Perfect for wedding gifts, holiday gifts, or a nice gift to yourself. Because you deserve it!

  • SureSeal Technology Standard
  • Holds up to 50 Cigars
  • Comes with Humidifier
  • Front Mounted Glass Hygrometer
  • Scratch Resistant Felt Bottom
  • Lined with Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Solid Brass Quadrant-Hinges
  • Beautiful Mahagony Finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Great value for price paid

This is my first humidor though I'm a busy seasonal outdoor smoker meaning the winter and summer are off times (too cold and too hot). I generally order a few cigars at a time and they just don't have a chance to go south before I smoke them. Recently, I purchased some product that could've benefited from ageing and rehab. Additionally, I'm a seasonal smoker, so having adequate storage allows me to purchase during my downtime and co-mingle nice cigars together. This humidor was PERFECT. Follow the instructions. It's not rocket science. Very pleased.

Overall satisfied

The wood on the top part of the main container where it meets the box was slightly peeling off.
The product was a little bit dusty and so I had to wipe it off with damp towel carefully.
The humidor is large enough for some humidity beads, a wifi temp/hygrometer and 30 or so cigars.

Great product but hygrometer doesn’t work. Better get a digital one while you’re at it.

Got this box and followed the instructions to condition it. Also watched some videos on how to online. Definitely need a digital hygrometer, the one that comes with the box doesn’t work. Also I bought one of those boveda pouches. It works great.

Not top quality but pretty close for the price

Finish of the wood isn't perfect by any means but looks nice on the outside and has a good seal. Hygrometer it comes with is garbage buy a reliable digital one and season it with a sponge and a Tupperware container for about a week until it will hold steady at close to 80% humidity did not wipe mine down like some people say to. After about a week put 2 boveda 72's in and my cigars and the humidor holds steady at 68-70 % depending on the tepature in my house normally is 74-78 degrees which is good enough for my likings. If your looking for a simple humidor that looks good and like me doesn't smoke a whole lot of cigars or your just getting started buy it you cant beat it for the price.


So far, it keeps them on the dot, 70%. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. It will save you a headache, especially calibrating the device and seasoning. Looks beautiful from every angle. To calibrate, do the salt thing... then once it's been on the same spot for 24h, with a flat screw driver turn the back so the needle is on 75%. Do this quick, the humidity changes drastically seconds after exposure.